Hidden Truth By: Philip sarte

Help, help, somebody help me! Bang. Good morning this is Monic Terry reporting from IMS news. Billionaire Larry Wayne was found dead last night in his car while leaving the company. Investigators are now trying to find who murdered Larry Wayne and what the motive is, authorities are now trying to contact his son Christopher Wayne who is currently on a vacation to identify the body, but investigators are sure that it is, unfortunately, Mr. Larry Wayne..

." Christopher Wayne speaking. "

" Good morning this is detective John Mays."

" Sorry, I cannot entertain your call right now..."

" Sir, I am sorry to interrupt but something bad happened to your father!"

" Huh! What happened to my father?"

" Your father... He was killed last night while leaving the company building."

" No, no, no!"

" Sir, you need to come here quick to identify if it's his body."

Christopher quickly packed his things and went back to Aspen, Colorado to check the body and to meet with the investigator. While driving, he is panicking as he thinks about his father, what would happen to him now that he's gone. After four hours of driving, he arrived in Aspen, Colorado. It was 9:00 pm in the evening when he reached Aspen. He opened the car door as the wind blows hard that it was very cold. In an instant, at that very moment of him walking to the morgue, he remembered how bad it felt to lose a father. He went inside to check the body and detective Mays was there.

" Mr. Wayne," detective Mays said.

" You must be detective Mays."

" I want to see if it is really my father."

They both went to the room where his father's body was. Soon as he came inside he removed the blanket that was covering his father's face and body to make sure that is was really him. After checking the body, an unknown caller called him and without hesitating he answered it.

" Hello, who is this?" Christopher asked in a low voice.

" Good evening, sir. This is John Smith and I am sorry for calling you this late."

" That is all right but may I ask what do you need and why did you call me?"

" I am your father's lawyer. Can we meet tomorrow at my office. I just need to discuss some important matters with you."

" No problem. I will be there tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning."

" Thank you, sir. I will just text you the address."

After talking to his father's lawyer, he went to his house and took a shower. While in the bathroom, he was thinking about the good memories that he had when his father was still alive. He woke at 6:00 in the morning and took a shower and went straight to his father's lawyer.

" You are early Mr. Wayne," John Smith said

" Sorry I just want to know the thing that you are going to tell me."

"Your father did not make a will before he died."

" What does that mean?"

" Since you are his only child, all of his money and properties will be yours."

" Huh?"

" You just need to sign some papers and everything will be all yours."

After signing the papers, he became the owner of their company and all of his father's money and properties was given to him. After a week detective, Mays called and asked him if he can talk to him Christopher said yes. After thirty minutes, detective Mays knocked on his door and Christopher opened it.

" Good afternoon detective Mays."

" Good afternoon to Mr. Wayne."

" I just want to ask you some questions."

"What questions?"

" Did your father had a fight with someone before he died?"

" As long as I can remember, he was not involved in a fight."

" Okay."

" So my father was running when he was killed."

" Huh!"

" Where did you get that information Mr. Wayne?"

" That is what said in the report."

" Sir, your father was killed in his car while leaving the company"

Detective Mays was stunned after hearing what Christopher Wayne said.

" Mr. Wayne I am going to ask you if you had anything to do about your father's death"

Christopher started crying and became conscientious and told detective Mays the truth that he was the one who killed his father.

“ I thought that if I had the money and power I will be all right. I was wrong. Family is the most important thing in the world.”

" Huh! Why did you do it?"

" I want to be like my father but he told me that he is not going to give the company that is why I killed him before he even made the will."

" I am sorry but I have to arrest you."

" Do not be sorry because I was the one who started it."

He was ordered to serve 50 years in prison. Before being sent to jail Christopher called his father's attorney and told him to donate the money to the people who need it and to other charities. While he was in the prison, detective Mays heard the news and went to the prison to visit him.

“ Detective what brings you here?” Christopher said.

“ Nothing I just want to check you are doing.”

“ Thanks, that's very kind of you.”

“ So how are you doing”

“ I am fine.”

“ I heard the news that you have donated all your money to people and other charities.”

“ That is the only way to right my wrongdoings and besides it was not my money it was my father's money.”

“ Glad to see that you are changing Mr. Wayne.”

“ Money and power are not the only and most important things in the world.”

“ That is good to hear Mr. Wayne. Good bye.”

“ Good bye, detective.”


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