zoos jack m.

Imagine you’re walking into a zoo.You see hundreds of people learning. Not just learning about animals near them, but learning about animals across the world. Don't you want that? Without zoos you wouldn't see that. I think we should have zoos because it helps kids learn about endangered animals, zoos raise money for animals, and they help endangered animals

First and foremost, I think we should have zoos because it helps endangered animals. Don’t you want to help endangered animals like the white tiger? They save endangered animals by breeding them.

Secondly, many kids learn about animals in zoos. People in America can learn about pandas from China, and elephants from Asia. Animals across the map. Without zoos you wouldn't learn animals from China. Don’t you want to learn about pandas?

Lastly, zoos generate money. The money goes to help the animals. The animals get help. The get preventive shots, more land, toys, and food supply.

That's why I think we should have zoos. Don’t you want to learn about animals from around the world like Africa?. Without zoos you wouldn’t learn about these amazing creatures.That's why we should have zoos.

Created By
John Mitchell


Created with images by Joshua Singh - "The white tigress"

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