Change between the 1920s and 1930s

Change in economy

Most Farmers in The 1920s were doing quite well when it came to selling crops.
When the depression hit many farmers went into dept and had to foreclosure.
Some African in the 1920s worked in factories or other work places but there would be little to none whites or they were separated at work.
When the great depression hit many African Americans would loss their jobs to whites or they couldn't find work because of their skin color.

The economy in the 1920s was fueling on consumer products and most people invested in the stock market. Farmers mostly were booming in crop sales because people had the money to spend on vegetables and fruit.African Americans were mostly negatively impacted but they did develop a new and improved kind of music,Jazz,it changed the country and people's out look on African Americans. Then in the 1930s most farmers went into deep debt and lost everything they own or they had to swell what they owned in order survive. The hardships on African Americans worsened in the 1930s. Many lost their jobs or couldn't find work that allowed African Americans to work there.

Home lIfe

Many women in the 1920s felt fearless,they knew they are just as equal as men and won the right to vote. They felt they didn't have to be home all the time doing chores and making meals.
When the Great Depression hit most of the society felt women should stay home with their families while their husband went to find work.
A lot of African Americans in the 1920s lived decent houses or apartments.
When the Great Depression hit many African American swent homeless. Some went from a nice house to living on the streets or homeless shelters..

Homelife In the 1920s changed for women in many ways. Women could now have a job or career and still do all the chores and cook. Women weren't just seen in the kitchen or doing laundry, society was seeing them show what they were capable of but were being held back. Then in the 1930s society wanted women to stay home during the depression and be home all the time. Africans Americans hate from most of the society was violent but they still lived in decent homes and had decent paying jobs but when it came to the 30s it went down hill. They were fired because a white man needed a job or they couldn't find work.


Women wearing short skirts and dresses in the time of rebellion. The middle class and upper class Women in the 1920s went to speakeasies and expensive clubs .
Instead of going to fancy clubs women went to movie theaters instead because a lot of people did not have the money.
Many stockbrokers in the 1920s become rich but it was all fake money.
People lost a lot of money from the stock market crash and so did stockbrokers.

In the 1920s most women went to speakeasies and had a good but had" blinders" on and then the economy crashed. Everything went down hill and families had to stop going out often or went to the movies instead. Stockbrokers became very rich in the 20s but they didn't realize that it was just credit and fake money that made the economy seem like it was booming. When really it was just going to fall apart and that was when the stock market crash was. Most people didn't see it coming and everyone was effected. They may have been effected by a little or a lot. This cause stockbrokers to loss their jobs or loss a lot of money.

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