My Portfolio Art beginning drawing

My name is Luke Munsey, my experience in art is I like to draw. Things I liked about the class is the social atmosphere and how people help each other on there drawings. Things I have learned through this semester is how to shade and different ways to draw.

Elements of Drawing

The reason we did the upside down drawing is because if you drew it looking at it, you don't know what it looks like from eye to eye. So this helps a artist draw things better because they don't need to perfection it since it's upside down. Then we used blind contour we did this also to see what you draw, not what you want to draw. Then contour lines is the outline of a drawing. Before the shading and everything you put into it.

Positive and Negative Space

Positive and negative space is shown to see the contour line and the contrast and also value. We did this by making one side shaded and really detailed with a back round of white. Then we made the other half a outline of the drawing and white inside it. With a black background. To show you how important every detail really is.

Before and After hand drawing

thing I most improve is when to use shading and contrast. I mean this by where and when to shade a part of a drawing. It improved my drawing by adding more value and just making it look more alive and real.


My profile looks a little bit like me. I think I could of worked on my value and texture. The things I think I did well is my contour lines and just the overall drawing portion but when it came to texture and shading things could've gone better.


I think my stippling piece is good. I think I did really well with value in this piece. I say this because the parts I made darker have more compact dots and the places where it gets lighter have more spaced out dots. This makes the stippling look like it has value.

Still life

This drawing is when we had a lot of things next to each other with all the lights off and one light on. Then everybody had an angle to draw on to show the value and contrast of these things. Then the shape of the drawing could very on the angles you drew on.


My scratch board piece is okay. I say this because I feel as if my value is once again done well in this piece. The value in darkened areas is more compact and lighter areas are more spaced out. Although my value is good, I do not think my texture is done that well. I say this because my texture does not look like dog fur. It looks very little like dog fur, it looks more like small little dashes.

2 point perspective

2 point perspective is where two separate points are on the horizon. A horizon is where you split the paper. It's where you place the line on your paper. Then you place two dots on the horizon which are called vanishing points. Vanishing points are where all the lines meet and fade away. Horizontal lines are parallel to other horizontal line and vertigo lines are parallel to other parallel lines. These lines show depth and direction of the drawing.

Before and after self portrait

I think I improved a lot in all areas of drawing. I say this because if you look at my first drawing I have no value, texture, contrast, balance, symmetry and just overall no good lines drawn. Therefore I think my second drawing is done well. This has so,e value and contrast, good symmetry and balance. Then good texture in my hair area. Finally I think my placement and location is done well. I put everything that's on my face (eyes, nose etc) placed well. The locations is where it needs to be, but my first drawing had no good placement or location.

Conceptual Art

The conceptual art forms a word into something that has shadow and value in the drawing by using a light while all lights are off. You can make the angles different to get different shadows of the drawing. Certain angles would have more value than others

Things I found challenging in the class was one personally staying on task and secondly how to make my value and contrast better (shading). Things I enjoyed though was the social atmosphere and learning how to do these elements of drawing. I enjoyed making myself better at drawing and shading. The thing I most improved on was my shading. I didn't know how to shade at all at the beginning of this semester and now I feel as if I do.

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