Good Life Tour of the Harn Payton Tucker

Cemetery of the town of Hualtla de Jiminez, Mexico (SebastiĆ£o Salgado)

MEDIUM OF THE ART/ TECHNIQUE OF THE ARTIST: Seeing this piece in person at the Harn Museum evoked a sense of love and devotion that can be shared between two beings. Seeing the photo in person in the quite environment of the museum allowed me to better appreciate the truth of the photo, and the devotion it held. I liked that the medium of the piece was that of a photograph because there is no lying behind it. There is no embellishment. The photo displayed the devotion of the dog to its owner who had passed in its rawest form, and that touched me. The photo communicated the eternal bond of man and animal, and reminded me of my dog who had passed away a few years ago. The bond I had with my dog was special to me, and this photo reminded me how much I loved her, and how devoted pets are to their owners until their last breath.

The Asian Art Exhibit

DESIGN OF THE MUSEUM: I became particularly fond of the Asian Exhibit in the Harn Museum. I liked the open wall of windows, which allowed for sunlight to stream into the large room. The open feel of the room allowed me to walk around freely and enjoy each piece displayed in the natural light from the windows. It also captured my interest that the windows opened to a beautiful garden with a small pond. I loved how the room not only exhibited the art within its walls, but also framed a beautiful image outside of its boundaries, therefore enhancing the overall experience. The exhibit made me feel free and light because of its openness and the natural lighting.

Road Worker (Diego Rivera)

ART AND CORE VALUES: This piece grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it. It is a very literal depiction of hard work, which is one of my core values. I believe that good things come to those who work hard in their lives. Although the picture depicts a specific type of hard work, it translates to many other situations in my mind. I work hard in my classes, in my relationships, and in my health. It is a constant battle to work hard, but it is something that I believe to be very important in achieving the "good life." I believe this because without hard work your will remain stagnant, and most likely not progress forward, therefore making it impossible for you to achieve that which you seek to achieve. Seeing the small figure in the work hunched over, working very hard, reminds me that it is important to suffer through the times where hard work appears overwhelming and crippling, and continue working towards your goal. Hard work will lead you where you want to be eventually, and this piece of art reinforces this value within me very strongly.

Folk Dancers Dressed as Buddhist Nuns (Kim Eun-ho)

ART AND THE GOOD LIFE: The theme of the "good life" that I observed in this painting from Korea was that of "celebrating the good life." I viewed the work as two people coming together to perform an activity, appearing to be dancing, as a form of recreation. The people appear to be noble, as their clothes appear nice, which leads me to believe that this painting is a depiction of two friends coming together and celebrating each others company. I got a sense of brotherhood/sisterhood from the piece that emphasizes the theme of unity in achieving the "good life." The painting reminded me of when my older brother and I would hang out as children, coming together and dancing or fighting, and just simply enjoy each others company. We don't get to see each other as often anymore, which is sad, but this work allowed me to go back and enjoy the sense of unity and family that I once enjoyed daily and will forever have waiting for me back home.


Created with images by jared422_80 - "Gainesville - Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art" Friend who took photos of me

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