United Kingdom

The united kingdom is a union with many islands it lies in north of europe close to the center of the hole continent. United Kingdom consists of 4 countrys England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. the population in UK is 60,000,000 and the size is just at 242,910 square kilometers. in uk goverment is a constitutional monarchy. parliament. they also use pound as their currency

The british Empire

the british empire had many colonies one of the first was actually ireland but neither scotland or Wales was colonized but actually they joined willingly. England originally went out to make trading post to get earn money but they learned that instead they could just get colonies. in 1707 britain already had the thirteen colonies in U.S.A, jamaica and more. and from there they kept on colonizing until they got america many countrys of africa, asia and oseania. after world war 2 and when the british empire was weak there was still some countrys that choose to stick with britain and then became the comonwealth of nations in 2008.

fotball be the most popular sport not just in britain but the hole world, fun fact the london fotball association created the first rules in 1863 and it became an olympic event in 1908.

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