Pure Zen The mindful athlete is present and in the moment

Cresskill elementary schools are now offering an all sports and basketball program that incorporates mindfulness to all aspects of athletics. It is vital for the young athlete to understand techniques to remain calm in pressure situations and to remain present no matter what circumstance in sports and in life. The after school program is promotional and will work alongside the school to help increase awareness in mindfulness.

Pure Zen is a family oriented company that offers the following:


Our mentorship program will give kids the tools to understand and willingly cooperate to maximize their potential in life, school, and sports.

Personal training

Our one on one or group training is manned by professional trainers that specialize in youth development.

Sports training

Our sports training programs our individualized and specialized depending on the sport and skill level.

Nutrition plans

Our registered dietitian specializes in mindful eating and food based nutrition.


Our yoga and meditation classes have versatile and dynamic instruction with different topics on a weekly basis.


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