Coyote Hills Regional Park Fremont, CA

Have you ever noticed the salt ponds by Dumbarton Bridge when you fly out of SFO? I have no idea what that's about, but my humans say they're there. Well, if you drive across Dumbarton you can certainly smell them.

I normally don't like sticking my head out the window when we're going very fast, anything above 55mph, really, but if there's something stinky I'm all for it!

Just beyond that bridge is Coyote Hills, which is basically 2 large hills with interwoven trails throughout and around them. When you turn into the entrance you can either park by the main road, immediately to your left, or you can keep driving to the formal entrance and pay a $7 entrance fee: $5 for parking + $2 for dog. If you don't want to pay and park outside the gate post, you can walk into the park along a pedestrian/biking path, which probably adds another mile or so to any hike and is completely exposed.

Once inside the park, there's ample parking. 2 lots actually. We parked in the main parking lot by the visitor center and headed right in on Bayview trail.

Mid-September. Very hot, very exposed and very dry. High fire danger. It's also a bit smelly here as it's surrounded by restored wetlands. We did see lots of different birds though. It was very peaceful to watch the flocks fly back and forth...if only I could catch one...

Since there are protected wetlands all around, and a lot of the trails were being repaired when we went, dogs are not allowed off leash, particularly when you're on the main paved path. We asked one of the groundskeepers if there are designated off-leash areas for dogs and he said there are signs indicating where. I'm not sure that's true since the website says on leash only and all the signs indicated the same thing. So what do you do when you're not sure? Head uphill!

We turned off at Red Hill trail which starts with an immediate incline.

You can see Bayview trail wrapping around the hills and the flock of birds relaxing in the water.

Dumbarton Bridge always in view.

Coyote Hillssss....

When you're atop the hills there's a fantastic breeze to beat the heat.

Wait for meeee!!!

Bayview Trail just keeps going

Hanging out on top was also more interesting because there's a lot more space to run around and no one said anything about me being off leash. We noticed lots of small paths meandering to the sides of the hill and even saw some guys getting ready to fly their remote control airplanes.

Facing inland

The fur mom ran uphill to get some exercise but because it was so dry had to walk downhill since she almost ate it a few times. The one time she doesn't wear hiking shoes...

The park also uses livestock for grazing since there was poop EVERYWHERE! I don't eat goat poop but if you do then get ready for a feast!

The other good thing about being high is you really can't get lost, although, I'm not really sure you could get lost here. My fur-mom couldn't even get lost here, and that says a lot.

Your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there is parking
  • No, this is not an off-leash park
  • Yes, there are doggy (and human) water fountains by the visitor center
  • Yes, there are poop bags along Bayview trail
  • Yes, there are trash bins by the parking lots
  • Yes, there are benches by the parking lots - and a picnic area by the visitor center
  • Yes, there are (porta-potty) toilets by the parking lots

🐾 Caesar

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