Perspective seeing things differently

Week 10 - Story: Perspective. Dogwood 52 week Photography Challenge. The purpose of this challenge is the relationship of objects in the scene.

Living on a Shoestring
Big Cheese - Food for Lifetime
Eye-Pad - probably a little cheesy for Apple
Distorted Illusion - move the photo up and down for the illusory perspective


The angle of the camera, distance to the subjects and what gets included in the frame plays an important role. The power of Perspective is beyond the subject. It is a composition of real-three dimensional objects portrayed and captured with a two-dimensional plane.

When looking at a photo we assume the distance by observing the lines that converge. The smaller they look the further the distance and depth.

In many ways I am trying to draw the line for the same depth, distance and understanding of photography. I am not there but I am learning every time.

The camera, the support team, the mobile video and rider - frozen in their perspectives
Only a quick split-second outlook from high up.
Thousands viewers from below but only one looking down toward a safe landing

From another angle, perspective is often ignored by most photographers because of the tendency to shoot at eye-level.

Every subject becomes so predictable in that approach. Looking at something from an unusual height dramatically changes the composition.

Shooting pointing up, pointing down, squatting and lying on the belly portray and produce different outcomes. Imagine the comparison of taking photo of a 2-year old at his or her height instead of yours. The outcome would be so much better.

If there is anything to learn from Photography in this approach would be communication and relating with others at "their level" - looking and understanding someone else's viewpoints will have better overall outcomes.

Cracker and Monster Cheese anyone?

Below are some shots taken in Summer and Fall of 2016 depicting some form of Perspective Photography.

Settlers cabin pointing to the horizon
Moon over the roof
Tiny fly-fisherman in the distance
Saluting upward
Even my favorite word; Frame can create a Perspective
Look forward to Week 11 assignment
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