Child Labor By Shane Haggerty

Child labor is the use of a child to make or produce a certain object or thing. These kids can work in mines, glass factories, textiles and in agriculture and they live in very poor conditions. This issue is all over the world but in a specific place in Asia called Myanmar it is a huge factor in there society. Child labor denies the rights to have a education, right to make you a slave and every human in the world must be treated equal. But it is not only violating these laws it is also overlooking the 13th amendment that says you are not able to have slaves. In 2014 21% of children ages between 10-17 are put to work (A Times). Also these children barely make a dollar a day for there work or 30,000 kyats ($22) a month (ATimes).

In this picture it shows that percentage of kids in the different child labor jobs

The international labor organization aims to help eliminate this problem by increasing awareness in the different areas where they have child labor issues. Also this organization is trying to improve legislative laws and try to make different governments notice this issue and make a change. But this organization is not the only one standing up to this injustice in the 2002 winter Olympics the Norwegian Olympic team did not wear clothing made in Burma to protest against child labor. There were not many changes that have taken place. In past years because it is hard to stop this issue in a developing country but the ILO is still working towards a solution to the issue. Also, when confronting Myanmar government they are trying there best to stop child labor and are considering raising the minimum age to work to 14.

In the first picture it is showing the Olympic symbol and where the Olympics was help in 2002. In the second picture on top is a picture of the Mynmar flag. And in the last pincture it is a boy that is facing child labor in Mynmar.

In the future there are many steps that big companies and Myanmar can make to stop child labor. Big business like Coca Cola can raise the ages to work to 18 to help prevent kids from working underage. If these businesses don't raise the age people in the area or country can boycott and take measures into there own hands. Also we can educate people about child labor so they have prior knowledge. We can do this by creating marches, boycotts and even doing sitins. Many countries are working to creating global standards and address companies for their part in child labor. If this does not stop more and more children will be undereducated, forced to work hard hours, and lose out on their childhood.


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