Should School Start Later? By: Will david

Have you ever had one of those mornings when your alarm clock is beeping at you and your mom is calling you down stairs to eat breakfast and you just don't feel like getting up or even moving, well I think almost everybody has.

How early do schools start now? You might start school at 7:30, 7:45, or 8:00. Some schools even start as early as 7:00. An issued policy statement on October 14 by the American Academy of Pediatrics suggested that school start considering changing their start time to as late as 8:30 in the morning

Would that affect their learning? Many believe that sarting school later in the day will be helpful for younger kids. Lawrence Epstein, a doctor in Brighton, Massachusetts who is a medical director of sleep health centers and an instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical school who thinks that "adequate sleep is essential to feeling awake and alert, maintaining good health, and working at peak performance."

Is this for all ages? This happens to all kids but mainly to teenagers. A study showed that teens need a significant amount of sleep to help for the amount of time they spend in school, playing sports, and at after school activities. The time needed asleep for the normal teenager is more than 8 hours of sleep, but about 70% of teens aren't getting the ideal amount of sleep per night which gives them a higher risk of car accidents while driving and falling asleep in class.

How early do schools start now? On the other side of things there are some challenges to starting school later. You might spend your time after school playing sports, doing homework, reading, or studying, but if schoo, started later that would cut time into those things. You would then have to balance those things in a shorter amount of time, and along with that kids would have to stay up later because they can sleep in later. While I do agree with this, I think that the positive outcomes would outweigh the negative ones.

Would this impact their health? Along with helping them with their sleep schedule, making school start later improves kids grades. A 2012 report at a middle school showed that test scores were rising in reading and math when they pushed the starting time to 8:00a.m. Students become more active and there are less incidents of being late to class.

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