Labeling of GMO’s Saving Grace or Economic Disaster How MANDATORY labeling effects the global economy and the DEVELOPING world

Golden Rice

250 million people suffer from VAD, which is a vitamin A deficiency

Golden rice was invented to combat this deficiency

Over 20 years of testing has been performed on it and still is come back positive However still is being blocked by anti-GMO groups

Labeling is turned into politics not science

Modern Europe food and agriculture and the 1990's mandatory labeling that lead to the ban of GMO food in Europe

Farming using slash and burn agriculture

The implementstion of GMO crops allow farms to be more productive with the land they already have

Africa is a key place for the use and future of GMO crops

These crops will allow farmers to be more productive and protect the environment

GMO crops can not be scientifically differentiated non GMO crops

cost of non-GMO corn and soy is about 11% more

Mandatory labeling could cost around an average of 500 dollars a year perfamily

The total cost to the economy could be way higher

Precision Agriculture is the most productive form of Farming

The Economically most viable form of farming that protects the environment

That is why Labeling should be voluntary with a set standard of rules to qualify and protect the consumer.


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