The Day I Got My Dog! By: Jackson

My mom was driving the truck, we were going somewhere but I didn’t know where yet, it was also cool and crisp outside. I asked mom about a billion times where we were going, and every time she said it was a secret but I couldn’t wait any longer, when mom parked the MERCURY MOUNTAINEER I knew exactly what we were doing getting a NEW DOG at the HUMANE SOCIETY!

Inside it smelled like rotten fish, dog food, mud and spit. I only smelled them for about 30 seconds before I got all caught up in the dogs. Some of the dog's teeth were sharp others were dull, some had upright ears others had floppy ears, some of them were big and others were small. When I saw this dog I couldn’t take my eyes off of her she was a medium sized dog with upright ears, one brown spot on her leg, a little bit of white on all of her black toes, she was mostly tan had a black spot on her head, she had 5 black spots on her upper body and had a lot of hair to keep warm over the winter, her name was Lewis I asked my mom if we could get her, I said “I will feed her,” my brother said “I will play with her,” my sister said “I will get her water,” and I also said “I will give her water,” We all said Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase.”But mom said “we might come back tomorrow,” which is about a 3% chance. But my sister, my brother and I all thought the dog was adorable.

Well what do you know our 3 % chance turned out to be true because we were back at the store but I still didn’t smell anything because I was still used to the smell. My mom and I were the only ones who are back to the store because Delaney and Mac had soccer games. I looked for Lew again and sure enough she was still their begging for someone to come get her.

I asked my mom again “can we pleeeeease get her,” “I will look after her and play with her” I said. She was so adorable I wanted to pet her until I die, my mom had to get me off of her so that she could look at Lew. The cashier asked If we wanted to take the dog for a walk because I looked like I was in love with the dog, so we took her for a walk and she was really hyper, but she was still super, super cute, then mom said we could get the dog. Then we bought her a leash, a dog bowl and a big pack of dog food.

On the way back home all I did was play with the dog, I did it so much that I was covered in dog hair. When we got home I played with Lew so much that I had to change clothes I had so much dog hair. Lew is so important to me she is the reason I am usually always positive and happy about everything. Lew means so much to me because when I was going to get her I knew she was the dog for me. Lew is so important to me I don’t think I could live a daily-basis without her.

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