Mrs. Goodsell's Kindergarten Classroom

Here is what you will see when you walk into our classroom!

This is where everyone will sit. We will sit in groups so that we can work with our classmates throughout the day!

This is the back wall of our classroom. All of f the windows on the back wall let in lots of light to make our classroom bright!

This is the front of our classroom! This is where a lot of things will happen! We will meet here in the morning and I will do a lot of my teaching up here on the whiteboard!

This is our objective wall. Each day we will post our objectives for the day here so that we can look back on them throughout the day!

This is where we will meet each morning to do our morning routine. Everyone will sit on the carpet and we will do our morning songs, alphabet, count, and much more!

Here is where you can find our daily schedule. It is posted here to refer to throughout the day so we don't have to keep asking what is next!

These posters help us remember what voice level we should be using. We will go over these at the beginning of the tear, but If we forget what each number means we can look up here to remind ourselves what voice we should be using!

Our classroom rules are posted here. We will go over these at the beginning of the year but if we forget a rule we can remind ourselves by looking here!

This is where we will meet to work In small groups. Each day Mrs. Goodsell will pull groups back to work on things like reading or to test.

Here is our computer center! This is the area where we will research things and use technology.

This is where we keep our iPads and where I keep some of my supplies.

This shows our math center and our whiteboard. There is a lot of useful information up here that we can refer to if we need help. Like the alphabet, shapes, numbers, days of the week, and more!

This is where you will find our word wall! We will add to this throughout the year. It is a great place to look when we need help spelling a word!

This is our math center! We will use this daily. There are so many fun math activities to use here!

This is where we keep our extra supplies! You can find extra markers, crayons, scissors, sharpened pencils and more here!

I keep my lesson plans and supplies for the week here!

This is our writing center! We will use it daily. There are so many fun and creative writing activities here!

Here is our classroom library! There are so many fun books to pick from. Mrs. Goodsell loves to pick a good book and get cozy in the reading chairs!

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