Some experts say "revolutions end where they start". What do you think?

Syrian is a country in Western Asia. I chose this country because I wanted to know why was the war started? Did ISIS have anything to do with this war? Who are the various groups fighting in Syria? Also which countries are involved?

Incubation Stage

The cause of the Syrian civil war kept adding up, even from the long term causes, such as their president was acting like a dictator and very unreasonable and insincere. Government was horrible; Different religions would clash; Also between 10,000 and 40,000 people were killed.

Systematic Stage

The war broke out because of the short term causes such as 15 boys were detained and tortured for writting graffiti in support of the Arab Spring. One of the boys was 13 year old Hamza al-Khateeb was killed after being tortured; Lack of freedom is also a big issue. Also half the country's population have been removed from their homes. Also the Syrian government which is led by their president Bashar al-Assad killed hundreds of protesters and and put many more in prison.


The community was angry about the failure of long-promised economic and political reforms, and emboldened the Arab Spring, a series of anti-government protest began. The government brutally cracked down on protest, firing into the crowd.

Which countries are involved?

"An international coalition led by the United States has bombed targets of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group since 2014. In September 2015, Russia launched a bombing campaign against what it referred to as "terrorist groups" in Syria, which included ISIS, as well as rebel groups backed by western states. Russia has also deployed military advisers to shore up Assad's defense. Several Arab states, along with Turkey, have provided weapons and material to rebel groups in Syria".


"Everyone now has different aims". I agree with this statement because instead of making things equal, and having freedom now people are more focused on being in charge and taking over. They are still in the crisis stage and things are getting worse instead of better. Some say "Syrian won't recover for years". I agree with this statement because people aren't coming together to make Syria great and there will always be a war if people can not agree with one another.


Syria civil war has created the worst crisis of our time. More than 11 million people, half the country's pre-war population have been killed or forced to flee their homes. Families are struggling to survive inside Syria, or struggling to make a new home in neighboring countries.

Syrian Revolution vs. French Revolution

Similarities between the French Revolution and Syrian Revolution are very important things such as money. The rulers of these countries did not feel the need to spend money on things the people needed or saw as important. Instead the money was being wasted on luxury things, while people were suffering. Another similarity are their protests. Both of these wars started with a simple protest about unfair government and living conditions. When nothing changed people protested causing the out break on wars. Differences between the French Revolution and Syrian Revolution is the protest! Even though they both had protests they were done very differently. In the French Revolution the protest were very violent, and in Syria it was not violent but peaceful.

Research Process

This intire research was very interesting but challenging at the same time. It was challenging because there are so many long and short term causes I didn't know why the war started in the first place. It was also difficult because this has been going on for years now and I just could not understand why there haven't been a resolution! It was interesting reading how other countries contributed.

"Some revolutions end where they start". I can't agree nor disagree, they can be good because it can bring positive change and make that entire country happy and peaceful. But leading to that positive stage can be very difficult. Someone needs to finance the war, repair buildings after and most importantly the lost of people lives.

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