Good Life Nature Activity by: Maclaine Reemsnyder

Nature on Display: When I arrived at the Florida Museum of Natural History I really did not know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I entered the Butterfly Exhibit. It is truly a sanctuary for butterflies, I felt as though I had stepped into a different world. The atmosphere was nearly breathtaking. As soon as I walked into the exhibit the air smelled so fresh and there was greenery surrounding me. The entire room was full of life. There were so many different kinds of butterflies, and there were even small birds flying about. On nearly every tree I saw a different kind of butterfly. I had never realized before just how much variation there is between butterflies. I particularly noticed one type of butterfly whose wings looked like they had eyes. There were multiple of them resting on top of sliced grapefruit and bananas. A man working in the sanctuary explained to me that these butterflies are known as composters. These little composters were my favorite part of the exhibit.

Butterflies, taken at 11:04am at FLMNH

Nature and Ethics: The Natural History Museum reflects exactly what Leopold believed in. It gives students at UF the opportunity to “love, respect, and admire” the natural world. It is often easy to be so sucked into our own lives that people do not often reflect on the beauty that surrounds us. The Butterfly Exhibit is the perfect place to step out of our hectic lives and reflect on what is really important. When I was at the exhibit I observed an older couple sitting on a bench together holding hands. I struck up a conversation with them after I noticed a butterfly sitting on top of the old man’s cap. They told me that they love to go to the butterfly exhibit together because of the peaceful ambiance. I personally felt connected to nature while I was inside the sanctuary. It was obvious that the workers at the exhibit cared deeply for the life forms within it. It made me realize just how important it is to instill an ethical responsibility to nature.

Butterfly Sanctuary, Taken at 11:05 at FLMNH

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Butterfly Exhibit proved to be a great place to connect with nature. When I was in the exhibit I felt very relaxed by the sound of birds and the small waterfall. If I am ever stressed out with school or just life in general, I feel as though this exhibit would be the perfect place to escape to. It is easy to enter a meditative state when you’re in such a pleasant environment. It is easy to forget the chaos of life and instead simply appreciate the natural world. While I recognize the importance of taking time out of my daily life to connect with myself and with nature, I know I do not do it enough. Attending the Natural History Museum today reminded me just how beneficial it is to take that necessary time for myself.

Flowers, Taken at 11:10 at FLMNH

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