Ave and Kenz's short trip to Asia! SS Project Q4

Mt. Everest

~ Have you ever wanted to feel like your at the top of the world? Well if you want to be then visit the Himalayan mountains because the Himalayas are the highest mountains in the world with 30 peaks over 24,000 feet. The word Himalaya is Sanskrit for "abode of the snow". These mountains are located on the border of Tibet (China) and Nepal. Mt. Everest is sometimes referred to as the third pole! Mt. Everest is located at about the same latitude as Tampa, Florida.

Plateau of Tibet

~ Come visit the Tibetan Plateau! Did you know The Tibetan Plateau stands over 3 miles above sea level? National Geographic says that the Plateau is heating up twice as fast as the average Plateau. So you better book your trip before it's to late! The Tibetan Plateau is home to an enormous number of glaciers; on the side facing China alone, the area supports 37,000 glaciers. You won't have to worry about bringing binoculars because you will be able to spot the glaciers from even a far distance. Tibetan Plateau is surrounded by the highest peaks in the Himalayas, Karakoram, Pamir mountain ranges!

Taklamakan desert

~ If you have trouble pronouncing the Taklamakan Desert, you could also say "Place Of Ruins" or the " Sea of Death" these also mean the same as Taklamakan desert. This is the largest desert in China! Lying between the Tien Shan and Kunlun Mountain ranges, the Taklamakan Desert is a waterless death trap, experienceing an average annual rainfall of just 0.4 inches! Legends states that you can get into the Taklamakan, but you will never get out. Despite being the warmest and driest desert in China, the Taklamakan experiences extremely cold winter temperatures. So if your not afraid of the heat, cold, and death traps you should come visit here!

Gobi desert

~ Have you ever wanted to go on vacation for a whole year? Well then we have got the place for you! The Gobi desert is reported to be so long that it would take a year to go from end to end! It's the fifth largest desert in the world. Did you know the word Gobi means " large and dry" in the Mongolian language? The Gobi desert also has many basins with elevations ranging from roughly 1600 to 5000 feet above sea level.

North China Plain

~ The North China Plain can also be known as the yellow plain. If you love open area and hate being around water then the North China Plain may have a spot for you to come visit! It covers almost 158,000 square milesand most of it is 160 feet above water. It is bordered on the North side by the Yan mountains, on the west by Taihang mountains, on the southwest side by the Dabi and Tongbai mountains. With this many mountains you will have a beautiful mountain view every where you look. If you also get hungry wheat, cotton, sesame seed, peanuts, and tobacco are raised, and sea salt is sun dried along the coast!

Huang He river (yellow river)

~ Have you ever wanted to go on a vacation but didn't want to carry around your child? Well then come to the Huang He River because it is often called the " Cradle of Chinese Civilization". So if you want your child can be cradled with Chinese love then this is the place for you! Did you know It has 3 distinct parts? Well they are the mounatainous upper course, the middle course across a plateau, the lower course across a low plain. It's the country's second largest river! In its lower reaches it is a shifting, turbulent, silt- laden stream that often overflows it banks and sends flood waters across the North China Plain, because of the it has been given names such as, " Chinese Sorrow" and " The Ungovernable".

Chang Jiang River (Yangzi)

~ Did you know it has a length of 3,915 miles and is the longest river in both Asia and China? If you like long boat rides than this is your place because it is the third longest river in the world. It also has 8 principal tributaries. The left side- Yalung, Min, Han and Jialing and the right side- Wu, Yaun, Xiang, Gan. You should also take a visit here because it is the most important river in China and is the principal waterway of this country. The name Yangtze was derived from the name of the ancient fiefdom of Yang—has been applied to the river mainly by those in the West

Bay of Bengal

~ The Bay of Bengal lies between latitudes of 5 degrees and 22 degrees north and longitudes of 80 degrees and 90 degrees east. You should visit here because not only would you get to see the Bay of Bengal, you could also see a number of large rivers around the bay. They are the Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, and Kaveri on the west and the Ganges and Brahmaputra on the north- flow into the Bay of Bengal. Did you know the Bay of Bengal is bordered to the north by a wide continental shelf. Well now you know!

Dead Sea

~ In the Dead Sea its eastern shore belongs to Jordan, and the southern half of its western shore belongs to Israel. Did you know that the Dead Sea has the lowest elevation and is the lowest body of water on the surface of earth? Well know you know that if you wanted to visit somewhere with the lowest body of water then you can visit here! The Dead Sea is situated between the hills of Judaea to the west and the Transjordania plateaus to the east. Do you know where the Dead Sea get most of its water? Take a guess. Well the Dead Sea gets most of its water from the Jordan river which flows from the north into the lake.

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