Florida Museum of Natural History From the view of Lisa cochran

Nature on Display

Being in the Natural History Museum brought back childhood memories. I hadn't been to any type of museum in years, so I didn't know what to expect. The exhibit that stood out most to me was the Butterfly Rainforest. Unlike the other exhibits, this one involved real, living creatures and plants, and was for all ages. It was refreshing to be completely immersed in the trees and butterflies, especially after seeing the other exhibits full of fake caves and fossils. Looking at the butterflies up close was a cool experience and I realized that they are not as beautiful as people think. Ultimately, they are just bugs with big wings, and I had never thought about them that way before. I still enjoyed being round so many different species and I also loved seeing so many young kids discover the magic of the exhibit.

My original photo of a Monarch butterfly

Nature and Ethics

Museums aimed at teaching kids secure our future

I have always believed that humans are one and equal with nature, and experiencing the Natural History Museum reinforced that idea. The museum exists because someone, somewhere appreciated nature enough to make a museum about it, and all the exhibits show that. In one exhibit, about stalagmites and stalactites, there were caves for children to crawl through and I thought back to learning about these things as a kid. Families were everywhere, from babies looking wide-eyed at dinosaur fossils, to kids peering through microscopes lenses, it was a good feeling to know that our future citizens will care about nature. This museum reminded me how important it is to preserve nature and teach others to preserve nature for future generations.

The cave exhibit at FLNHM

Nature and the Human Spirit

It's impossible to experience the whole universe. So museums like The Florida Natural History Museum are there to give us a little taste of the different parts of the universe. It's not every day you see a shark, but at the museum, there are sharks, tigers, and butterflies all on display right before your eyes. With so much variety, we can see far away parts of the world all in one day, and in turn, we can learn to appreciate them and how they interact with each other.

My original photo of a preserved hammer head shark
Me leaving FLMNH


My camera and "Find Photos" Search


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