Demeter's Earth Care By Teanna strayer

My company is based on food products and FERTILITY of all earth and i also help with the sacred law and the life and death cycle

Hi my name is Demeter goddess of Harvest and presides over grain and fertility of all earth also the goddess of sacred law and the cycle of life and death.

My symbol is a torch and an acorn

My sacred animal is a lion. lizard, and snake

Also my sacred plant is a poppy, dasie and a oak tree

I am not a patron goddess of any city i am just found on mount OLYMPUS

My ceo is My FATHER cronos god of the sky and LEADER of the Titans and my mother Rhea also know as ¨The mother of all gods¨

Zeus is the PRESIDENT of my COMPANY and At one point I had a relationship with ZEUS

My daughter persephone in the manger of my COMPANY and Yes zeus is the father of my daughter persephone Queen of the underworld. And she is also famous

My myth is how I bring winter because she is so mad that her daughter persephone was abducted by hades and demeter got mad and cursed the world of no crops and so zeus sent hermes to talk to hades and they made an agreement the persephone has to go to the underworld for 4 months so demeter put winter in place so the crops could grow back in the spring.


Created with images by quapan - "shiny star leaf fringed weirdly in tarry moongate" • Biblioteca Rector Machado y Nuñez - "PixeLegis_2004_015" • MichaelGaida - "tombstone grave cemetery" • Ozzy Delaney - "Harvested" • Fæ - "Head of a Woman or Goddess, perhaps Demeter LACMA 46.16.6" • Nigel_Brown - "Acorn" • pato_garza - "snake" • RegalShave - "angel oak charleston wall art" • Jeff Pang - "Stuart's Impression of Everest" • Dimitris Graffin - "Zeus, Sala dei Marmi ellenistici, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence" • edenpictures - "Persephone"

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