Cherokees moving west Justin connell

Trail of tears

The cherokees Indian tribe are traveling from Georgia.


Cherokee chiefs

Trail of tears

On may 26 1838 U.S. soldiers surrounded Cherokees Indian villages. The soldiers had to come to force the Cherokees to make a new territory farther west

Map of Oklahoma

The Cherokee Nation today occupies all or part of 14 countries of what is now the northeastern portion of the state of Oklahoma

Tahlequah capital

Tahlequah capital of the Cherokee nation

Cherokee tribe

The Cherokees tried to start over again. They built new cabins, cleared new fields, cut and split logs to make new fences


This was the first tribe with a written alphabet. He was the first inventor of an Indian alphabet

Map of the trail of tears


Created with images by danielthornton - "Museum of the Cherokee Indian, NC" • TradingCardsNPS - "Trail of Tears for the Creek People"

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