Erin’s Ministry Update July editIon

This month has been one for the books! We have not been hindered from ministry at all which has been a huge victory as we have run HARD to push farther into the rural villages of the chiefdom. We completed two back-to-back conferences in my area, reaching over 800 people! These 2-day Farming God’s Way Conferences teach sustainable farming methods while also preaching the Gospel that overturns every curse and power of darkness (Colossians 2:15). We partner both sides to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the people because both are important. You can’t neglect either because you could help their physical needs alone, but then their eternity remains unchanged which is a worse fate! But to love the people in word and deed, their temporary time on earth also needs attention. In this case, empowering the people to be sustainable and have a livelihood by teaching agricultural techniques that produce better crop yields. As people gather to hear the Word of the Lord, we prepare a meal to feed EVERY person that attends, no matter the cost. We feed the people to show love while also feeding their spirits to come to know the Truth of what God declares about being children of God. So this is one way we minister to meet eternal and temporary needs.

Chrispin and Cliff showing off their strength (and giving the amazing cooking ladies a break) by stirring a giant pot of nshima (staple carb that is made from ground maize being added to boiling water). It’s a lot harder than it looks!
For this Jimbe village conference, there were 4 giant pots of nshima that were made which requires lots of strength and endurance for continuous stirring as the nshima cooks over the flames!
Discipleship Course students teaching on Day 2 of the Jimbe village conference near the Angola Border. Day 2 is all about the practical demo plot, teaching agricultural techniques that uphold minimal wastage and using what you have in order to reduce costs.
Jullian (disciple from Musikola village) and Richard (Sustain Team member coming from Southern Province, Zambia to assist with the Farming God’s Way Conference in Kamafumbo village). They are preaching on Day 1 which is all about theory of Farmign God’s Way and the Gospel.
Richard (blue jacket) and Ellis (Disciple from Yan’a Yan’a village) teaching the practical theory of measuring plot lands for even rows using rope and plastic bags (tied onto rope to mark where each hole for planting should be dug in each row to prevent overcrowding which reduces nutrient availability and results in lower harvests).

This month also marks a major transition as our Discipleship School students complete their 6-month training! We will be graduating them from the program next week which is such a crazy thought! As the course finishes up, we interviewed each student this week for feedback on the program that will help us improve it for future groups and to see the vision God has given each student for their lives. All are desiring to continue in ministry and we will be placing them in assignments alongside us to continue their discipleship training with outgoing ministry. I am excited for gaining two more strong men of God in my team of indigenous disciples to reach Nyakasea chiefdom that spans from the Angola border to the Congo border! It amazes me how Holy Spirit confirms the call to each of us as the students speak and Holy Spirit impresses upon everyone in our team where they fit based on God’s specific will revealed to each of them.

Check out the photos below that were taken during one of the students’ interviews.

Here is a short introduction video of all our student disciples exhibiting how much they’ve grown these last 6 months as they completed Dr. Leon’s Bible Institute courses. Daniel and Cliff will be joining me in serving Nyakasea Chiefdom!

As this transition takes place, be praying with us for vision and discernment on how to continue in training these soon-to-be-graduates as well as our current disciples in the villages. Pray their hearts continue to yearn for the greater things of God as their knowledge and experience of Him grow deeper and deeper. Pray for unity as we integrate them into a new life and for peaceful transitions as these students move back home and face new challenges.

Pray also for the people in Nyakasea who heard the Gospel during the conferences, that they would continue seeking God wholeheartedly and grow in their knowledge and spiritual insight of God.

I will be traveling more over the next month across the country of Zambia so prayers for safe travels and divine protection of health as we pass through cities with higher risks for COVID-19. Living in the bush has its benefits of less risk for exposure since little to no one travels outside the rural area. We are practicing mask-wearing, hand-washing, and social distancing with reduced going out as we pass through cities as well as quarantining before participating in ministry.