An Analysis Into Careless Driving In Saudi Arabia

Andulrahman Alhaj Ali



The Saudi community is suffering from car accidents more than any other problem .The main reason behind most of these accidents is careless driving . Careless driving is a phenomenon that has plagued the community for many years and now it has become more serious day by day. People die , become disabled and get hospitalized and families grieve for the loss of the loved one . Also the Saudi government spends billions of dollars to treat the injured and repair the damage caused by accidents . This kind of money can be spent on other things like building hospitals , schools and universities or used to develop the education system . So careless drivers affect all the community and this research has been conducted to solve the phenomenon behind a lot of pain .This research is about finding why the Saudi driver is careless , how to develop the driving school that will lead to improve the driver and decrease accidents and deaths on the road .

The General Directorate Of Traffic Department said in its statistical report for 2009 "The growing of careless driving phenomenon causing death, injuries and bad impact on the economy ,society and health lead to disabilities" also it said that "The number of traffic accident in Saudi Arabia was 484805 accidents and the number of traffic death were 6142 " That means the rate for a thousand car accidents is 13 deaths and it means 17 death a day according to the committee’s head Ahmad Al-shaikha " a total of 21 billion RS is spent annually on road accidents." Also, he said "Saudi Arabia ranked the 23ed on the list of countries witnessing the highest death rates in road accidents in world " that means Saudi is the second among Arab countries in terms of road deaths . Also, in anther article from Zanh Nazer the general director for Inhova Consulting Company "The death on the roads on Saudi Arabia rates rose by %10 in 2012 which cost the state treasury billions of dollars ,not mention the pain and suffering caused to the families"

This research will investigate the careless driving phenomenon and hopefully an end to the big number of accidents . This research will use the following questions .

1-What is careless driving ?

2-What are the effects of careless driving ?

3-Why do people drive carelessly ?

4-How can we improve driving in saudi Arabia ?


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