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Left was August 2016 right is November 2016
My legs with so much cellulite and thick unhealthy waist

My journey in the last 16 weeks has been amazing.

In August i started getting really depressed at the amount of weight I had put on since starting the pill in march . I went from 56kg to 63kg and felt very uncomfortable in my own skin, wasn't sleeping well, looked tired and drained just didn't feel healthy at all. I decided that I needed to do something and after trying a few different products I decided that I liked isagenix better, the taste, texture etc. I had used isagenix since 2015 and lost a lot of weight and I had maintained that weight loss until I the pill :( so In August I went and had a body scan done and signed up to start the 16 week isabody challenge. I thought I've got nothing to loose and at the end of the challenge I get a bonus $200 products whichever I choose just for doing the challenge. I joined the gym although I only went 3 times in 12 weeks as there was no crèche here and I always had 1 of my kids!

This is great! Great for over Xmas and New Years.

I do not follow isagenix to the tee... I use the products to suit my life style so it's achievable and sustainable. So on a day I'm running late for school and have to head straight to work, i work 9:30-2:30 I will have a shake on way to work. And I always have a spare shake in my bag in case I get hungry at work. So I may have one in morning and one at lunch. Then I just have a sensible dinner with veggies or salad protein and a little carbs. If I'm at home I might have yoghurt and fruit with a scoop of protein for breaky salad wrap for lunch and healthy dinner. You need to do what suits you there's no point sticking to this strick diet and hating it! I also take the ionic supreme which is amazing you have a shot in the morning or at night. It helps with stress and anxiety and is really good for you. I also when I remember lol I take cleanse for life at night time to cleanse your body through the night. It really helps you feel light and refreshed in the morning. There is also choc snacks which are all healthy you can get in case you find it hard to snack on healthy foods and there's delicious replenish drinks they are great on a hot day with ice or add to your drink bottle.

All the healthiness that's in isa shakes
2nd day of gym.

I am now at 58kg and have joined a gym with a crèche. I have been going for a week now and love it so much! I've been doing the classes like body balance, Pilates and CX worx.

This was after the sprint class legs and core on bikes ouch lol

My challenge ends on 21st December and I can't wait to go back and get my final body scan done so excited to see the results. If you want to stay healthy over Xmas and New Years, or want some more energy or want to get ready to start a New Years resolution message me today and I can help you. I've completed a nutrition course so I can also help with meal and snack ideas and help you to achieve your goals whatever they may be!

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