Exploring the BYU Family History Technology Lab A review by The Genealogy Kids

Have you heard of the BYU Family History Tech Lab? If so, you might be familiar with amazing tools like "Relative Finder," "Pedigree Pie," or "Wheel of Family Fortune." Here's a quick tour from our own experience ...

The website organizes tools into categories like RESEARCH, VISUALIZE, PLAY and NEW and IN DEVELOPMENT.

Quite arguably, the BEST tool on the site is RELATIVE FINDER. As long as your family tree is in FamilySearch's Tree, you should be able to see which famous people you're related to (select from many different groups). You can also create family, friends or other groups of your own. Our neighborhood has a group ... it's pretty fun to see how closely related we are to our neighbors.

*Note: The Tech Lab tools utilize FamilySearch's Tree, so you'll need a FamilySearch account to benefit from their technologies.

From the VISUALIZE section, check out the PEDIGREE PIE tool. All ages of your family members will enjoy this colorful way of seeing where their ancestors came from.

In the GAMES section you can find a variety of fun tools. The lab uses data from your family tree to create matching games, coloring pages, cross word puzzles, word searches, etc.

We enjoy gathering as a family for a round of "Wheel of Family Fortune" every once in awhile. How well do you know trivia from your tree?

And Geneopardy is a fun way to test your family tree trivia as well...

There are many other tools to play with on the BYU Tech Lab website, but now you've seen our favorites. Best wishes to the lab, its professors and students, as they continue to create amazing family history tools!


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