Collection & Hobbies By Eathan Tranate

This is Manga called the daily lives of high school boys. I enjoyed reading a story about friends and reading what they do while hanging out together.
These are volumes I have collected by going to comic book stores or going through the thrift stores where people donated what they don't want anymore. This is Manga that I had been searching for or found to just collect.
My favorite collection so far collecting is the One Piece series created by Eiichiro Oda where I was lucky to find a lot volumes in Savers, that day becoming the happiest day I ever had looking through the book section.
They adapted One Piece into a show in the late 2000s, and it has been going ever since. It is now into its 20th season, which I enjoyed watching when I was little and still watch now.
I knew the show Naruto before anime, and I was amazed how the series began and ended. I knew that I wanted to collect all volumes not as a keepsake but as a fan of the creator and the work I grew up with.
Created By
Eathan Ceasar Tranate [STUDENT]