Football World "Its all about the game"

Our vision is for our community to bring the best athletes from all across the world to one place.
To become a member of our community you have to be between ages 13-18. Once you turn 19 you are kicked out.
1. No curfew. 2. Religion is optional . 3. Dictators can kick anyone out at anytime. 4. Age limit 13-18. 5. Must have a recommendation letter from a coach or athlete to get in. 6. No school. 7. No killing. 8.Must attend training at least 5 days a week. 9. You may leave the community at anytime you want. 10. Free food. At your time here you get three chances. You will be kicked out after your 3rd strike.
Our community is located on the coast of Florida.
Wake up, eat, got to train or to games, then go eat after then free time, then you go to bed or do what you want.
Our Utopia is a Dictatorship. LIke Hitler was with Germany but way, way, way more lay'd back. We want this so the athletes know that if they are not playing at there best they could be kicked out at anytime.
In our city you cant just join.To people that get invited to come to our city we have many great beaches and facilities. We also provide everything like food and clothes all free. There is many varieties of homes to live in. The best part about it is that you are doing what you love all day everyday.


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