Looking into the future By: Talli Van Wey

Who do I Want to Work for?

Where I work is not as important to me as what I do. If I had my choice I would want a job where I could travel anywhere anytime I pleased while I worked as a registered nurse. However, eventually I think I'd like to move back home and settle down in the valley, here I would prefer to work at Rogue Regional Medical Center.

What is a Registered Nurse? What Company do I Want to Work for?

Rogue Regional Medical Center is a hospital located in Medford, Southern Oregon. I would work there as a registered nurse; there I would be responsible for coordinating and providing patient care, educating patients about upcoming procedures, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their loved ones. I would make roughly a salary of 68,000 dollars in my first years but eventually advance to a salary of 100,000 dollars. In order for me to become a registered nurse all I need is a Bachelor or an Associate's degree in nursing from any college or university. I come from a family of nurses and medical care professionals, as well as have a high GPA, so it won’t be hard for me to get into a nursing program or understand the information considering I have been surrounded by it for the majority of my life.

Where Did I Receive my Degree in Nursing?

My dream is to attend either the nursing program at Biola University or the University of Portland.

Welcome Sign View of Biola University
Campus View of the University of Portland

Where do I Want to Work?

What I love about nursing is how it's a career found virtually everywhere, since I love to travel, I am very interested in partaking in a travel nursing program. However, eventually I'd like move back to Oregon and work at the Rogue Regional Medical Center.

Rogue Regional Medical Center

When Does Rogue Regional Medical Center Hire?

I will have the necessary skill set by the summer of 2022 as long as I finish school in four years. However, since I will be working almost full time, it is most likely that I'll graduate in the summer if 2023, thankfully Rogue Regional Medical Center is always hiring as long as there is a position open.

Why do I Want to be a Nurse?

I have always been unsure of what I want to do as a career, I have interests in many fields such as law, business, and the medical field. For the most part, all I want to do is help people while staying financial secure at the same time. The reason why I ended up picking nursing is because I will have a lot of time off so I'll have the freedom to travel, or even better yet I'll be able to become a travel nurse and have the possibility to work in a different country. Also, nurses make good money while also working in high intensity environments which I like, depending of course on what field in nursing you pick. I believe the reason why I am a great choice to be a nurse is because I'm hardworking and compassionate. I am willing to run the extra mile and work harder than others to do something that I believe in. Also, my whole family has a history of working in the medical field, therefore I have strong, and pretty nifty, connections and prior experience that others lack. I'm also very good under pressure, as seen in my terrible habit of completing the majority of my assignments last minute, yet still retaining a high GPA of 3.8.

How do I Get a Job as a Registered Nurse?

In order to become a nurse I must first acquire the proper education, such as an Associates degree in Nursing or a Bachelors degree in the Science of Nursing. After that I need to network and research hospitals until I find job openings and apply.


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