a guide to the online purchase And the One You Shouldn't Make

Some food for thought:

Who should you buy from? Pretty vague question, right? As a consumer, you might think to yourself:

  • "Who is the best brand?"
  • "Who is trustworthy?"
  • "What am I willing to sacrifice for a better price?"
  • "Why should I trust them?"

9/10 times, as an online shopper, you want to go with the highest rated and most affordable option, it's only natural. Unfortunately, everyone understands this fundamental concept, including those dreaded "companies" who only care about making a sale-- with a complete lack of respect and utter disregard for the customer. Their sole goal is to drive a sale and absolutely flood and destroy markets that are showing potential promise for the future. Everywhere you look you see a brand that seems relatively new, has a very cheap presentation, company images you “could’ve sworn you’ve seen before”, or is just a straight-up counterfeit. As a buyer, the most important question you really want to ask yourself is: “Who SHOULDN’T I buy from?”

It’s critical that the product you’re receiving is reliable and not from someone who cannot guarantee legitimacy. Take ExpertPower for example, we have a proven array of products, supply chains, corporate structure, an active brand presence across social media, real customers who leave real feedback through their own channels—both positive AND negative. We care about every little detail so we maintain transparency with the public. Our corporate office is located at 6437 Alondra Blvd, Paramount, CA and we have dedicated warehousing facilities across the country with manufacturing facilities based in Southeast Asia. We’re not just exclusive to China-based manufacturing either as we have plants in Vietnam and Thailand to maintain a healthy level of distribution power. It’s also not a secret we’ve had our own run-ins with public figures of the battery world as they tear down our products and discover what’s inside. (We’ve even responded and made the product better!)

It’s clear that the ExpertPower name is here to stay and will continue to work and develop in the field of renewable energy systems. We know even when our customers ask us, “Why should we go with you over _______?”, that we have to respect our industry. There are others in this field who wish to share their passion and have the same goal us and we understand that, we don’t mind discussing what the differences are and ultimately what sets us apart from the competition, but we will never bring down another company to guarantee our success, we all face the same issues every other legitimate seller faces.

As you browse the web, you find all sorts of material and information to secure your confidence but known bad actors take advantage of the content that others have to offer—including ours. Below is an example of a clear fraud seller, “RoyPow”, with absolutely no shame and in an incredible display of disgusting behavior, copies a review of ours from Amazon:

The fake review is unable to be removed due to the fact that it has the delicate “Verified Purchase” tag. It’s such a blatant attempt at misleading and deceiving the public. Roypow also creates branding that is similar to ours such as this product below:

It’s not just RoyPow, other sellers such as “ZXMTYB” even goes as far as just copying the designs altogether:

In addition to these horrible practices, you even find sellers such as "AmpereTime" outright copying our product information:

Ampere Time is proving to be a threat to the Amazon marketplace trust as everything they claim to offer is fabricated to gain trust with the consumer and it has to be said, that these are all companies that clearly take advantage of a market and seem to be doing well but when you need them, will disappear along with your sizable investment. (pretending to offer a year 5-year or longer warranty for example) They will not be around for more than a couple of years, I can guarantee you that. Consider that they don’t even have a location in the United States or a reliable customer service contact line as indicated in their Amazon storefront location address:

Once they're gone, they're gone for good. Here is another examples of another "company" stealing our info along with providing fake warranty information:

It’s almost a wonder how some of these sellers are even getting away with this type of thing (not really, online marketplace policing is kind and courteous to the local scam-artist)

As I’ve mentioned, even our competitors experience this issue and it takes away from the spirit of true business which is jeopardized by Amazon’s lack of response. They are the premier marketplace for any kind of product, and a venue for anyone who wishes to practice business with integrity—or not.

I have to stress that anyone who wishes to take the leap and explore the world of the lithium battery do so with extreme caution as the investment for this kind of product is pretty big and no one wants to drop $500 - $1000 without being protected.


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