Store To Door Kaitlyn Barnett

I came up with my business by realizing what i love to do and that is to help others. I love the feeling of others being happy and putting others before myself. So i thought i would start a business that helped people with their groceries. I deliver groceries to people whom are too busy or are unable to get their groceries. My grandma inspired me to create this business because when she’s sick or doesn’t feel good we’d go get her groceries for her and i thought there must be more people who have the same problem.

I live in a house full of girls, my mom, my two sisters, and my dad (not a girl). They’ve always taught my family that giving back and helping others is a great thing. They always say that one small act of love can be huge in another person's eyes. I go to soccer training after school and give lessons to smaller kids. I love seeing the smile on their face when they finally get a new skill i taught them. Overall i love to help others and try my hardest to make them happy ,because this world really does need more happy people. That’s how I've made my business because i know people will be so thankful for my service and that makes me so excited to get started.

My target market would be older people because sometimes they physically cannot go to the grocery store themselves so i feel they would love my service. I would also look for mid-age adults that have kids or work a lot because they most likely don’t have the time to get groceries or they might not have the energy to go get them. My business isn’t a regular delivery business because when i drop off your groceries you picked out from one of the two store i deliver for i will bring you a sweet along with your groceries.


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