Self- Designed Experiment 2 Cell Phone distraction


The effect of cell phone use during prime studying time. Does turning off your phone really help?


I think I will get more work achieved in an hour's worth of time. Not only will more be accomplished, but I think the quality of work will be better.


A study- buddy will begin a timer for 1 hour and tally the amount of times my phone is referenced while working on homework. Then, to compare, study 1 hour with my phone turned on and on my desk.

Results/ Data

Phone On:

I checked and my phone 5 times within the hour, and glanced at it 10 times. Knowing I had messages to read drove me crazy, and once my phone was unlocked I checked anything with a notification. This didn’t take a lot of time, however it did break my concentration.

Phone Off:

I was not happy with this result either. After a few minutes I would instinctively check my phone and forget it was off. I felt like I was missing something… what if someone had something to tell me? What if that professor got back to me? On a brighter note, my concentration was less broken apart. Needing my phone still distracted me, but not as much as having it on.


This experiment was overall frustrating. Some how our generation has become so attached to our phones, and I did not realize just how serious my addiction was until I conducted this. ObviousIy its difficult to ignore something that is lighting up and buzzing, but I am very disappointed that even when the phone was completely turned off I still felt the need to glance to see if I was being "liked", "at-ed" or "messaged".

Another big problem that phone addiction poses is the light right before bed. I have trouble falling asleep, as I mentioned in other writings in this portfolio, and studies have shown that the blue light glowing off your phone keeps you awake longer.

This is a problem that I think not only I face, but a good bit of our generation The only solution I see is to cut down time on the drug, just like any other addiction.

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