Naruto's Perseverance by:antonio

Kabuto was a tuff enemy of Naruto's and when they fought Naruto had no change of winning but Naruto persevered and protected the fifth hokage and beat Kabuto.
Pain is a terrible enemy of Naruto's because he destroyed Naruto's village and killed all his friends but Naruto persevered and beat pain.
Obito is one of the worst enemy's Naruto came across because he messed with Naruto and all his friend many his friend Sasuke but Naruto and Sasuke persevered and beat Obito.
Madara is another tuff enemy of Naruto's because he has a lot of experience with a power called sharingan but Naruto persevered and beats Madara.
Kaguya is a god and who made there powers and now wants the power all back but Naruto and Sasuke persevered and beat her even thought she a god they still were able to bet her and seal her away.
Sasuke wants to push Naruto away and get rid of him by trying to kill him but Naruto persevered and didn't stop trying to save his friendship with Sasuke.

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