Seatmate Charina Badana

What do we often say if we're asked of what thirteen year old kids do? Most would probably react, "Ofcourse! Study and play. They're kids, they haven't done so much in their thirteen years of existence." Others would say "Having fun and enjoying their sweet childhood". Some might have said deeper thoughts, that these kids are still exploring and needs to discover a lot more. And others might not want to answer for some sensitive reasons. But what does a kid with an age of thirteen actually do? What can he do?

When I was in grade 7, my section was Continency and it's a section where some of my classmates are not talking or not that loud. But I thought every section has those. One of them was Karen Orbasido. She was very quiet and rarely hangs out with others. She would just often sit at a corner and try to do something just by herself. In today's language, she's a loner. But I don't want to call her that 'cause I know she's just shy or maybe she has a reason for that.

It was third quarter. I got to sit beside Karen. So at the back of my mind "Should I talk to her like the way I used to my other seatmates? How would I start our conversation?" I was afraid that she might ignore what I'm saying. But in the end, I still talked to her and I discovered something about her. Why she's quiet, why she's not hanging out with others, why she’s isolating herself. She has a reason for every move. I asked her why, and she said to me, "I don't have friends. I only have one friend at home." That saddened me and I was shocked and speechless 'cause I know everybody has their friends and maybe it's only at her mind. But I said to her "No, you do have! We are!" And I kept on repeating that to her, I kind of overreacted but it just made me sad.

I tried not to make her feel that way again. I talk and talk and talk to her. We turned into buddies and became really close. We're like sisters 'cause we did the same stuff and we had the same trips. Without knowing, she had overcome her quietness and later on became talkative too. I didn't notice that because she's my seatmate so we often see and be with each other. The whole third quarter of that school year was really great and fruitful.

Fourth quarter arrived and so we bid goodbye because we're going to sit beside a new seatmate. That quarter really made me happy of her, 'cause she's the one who'd start the conversation with her seatmate, she's not shy anymore and she gained friends, not only that but confidence as well. I was really happy and proud of her.

That's the only year that we've been classmates. Her next three years in the institution she joined the badminton varsity. When we graduated, we had to part ways ‘cause she needed to transfer to UST.

Currently, she's studying at UST and even though we don't see each other we still communicate and talk through social media, it's seems like we're still very close with our talks. She made a big impact in my life and has been a big part of my life. Being and meeting her taught me a lot of lessons and realizations.

I just thought that being talkative doesn't always mean that it's negative. Who knows, that attitude can be a help and encouragement to others to know themselves more. We cannot change in a very quick period of time and maybe that could not mean changing. Maybe it just shows and molds us into who we really are. We cannot find ourselves all alone, there's something, someone that would actually help and be the tool.

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