WWII By KEylor Piers #36-T

During this time, people were still recovering from World War 1. And not just the U.S are in a Depression, Germany is too. This is because they were blamed for all the destruction of WWI putting Germany in ruins. Then, a man named Adolf Hitler said he would bring the Germans out of the depression. He began ruling as a dictator. Adolf Hitler blamed the Jews for all of Germany's problems. Many were thrown in concentration camps.
Adolf Hitler was the Dictator of Germany. Since Germany was in a Great Depression, Hitler promised to get the people out of the depression. Hitler invaded Poland, Denmark, Luxembourg, and other countries.
Francisco Franco was the Dictator of Spain. He became ruler when he led a military attack that overthrew Spain's democratic republic. He took control of Gibraltar and French North Africa.
Benito Musolini was the Dictator/ Prime Minister of Italy. He became Dictator when he and 26,000 followers were on his side. He invaded Ethiopia and Albania.
Joseph Stalin was the Dictator of the Soviet Union. He came to power when Lenin died and he outbeat his opponents. He invaded Finland and other countries.
Hideki Tojo was the Prime Minister of Japan. He was the leader of the attack of Pearl Harbor on the U.S. He became leader when he moved up military ranks until had full power.
During this time, America stayed neutral, or did not take sides.
Will the Nazi's rule over more countries. Will the U.S try to stop Germany? All will be answered in the next lesson.

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