FiveAlpha Asset Management AG

FiveAlpha Asset Management AG is an independent Swiss company based in Zug.

We offer different financial services, classic or next-generation, like Crypto investment.

With the experience of 25 years in this field, we are competent to advise private or institutional clients. Our primary goal is to meet our clients' needs and to reach their goals.

Our clients expect much more than traditional asset management. We provide detailed personal advice and customized investment solutions.

Asset management

What goes for private clients also goes for institutional clients: personal advice and tailoring of the investment portfolio to meet individual wishes, individual needs, and restrictions.

We can undertake the management of all or part of your assets, as required. As an independent financial partner, we are there for you one hundred percent.

Diversification, clients interest, transparency are a must for us.


FiveAlpha Asset Management invests in the main derivatives exchanges worldwide, such as CME, NYMEX, EUREX and LIFFE, and also in developed markets in other parts of the world, to exploit the best opportunities. FiveAlpha will implement different derivatives strategies with different expiration dates and with the different underlying assets to catch the best opportunities in the market.Bearish, Bullish or lateral market.

FiveAlpha Asset Management AG is a Swiss-based duly authorized financial services company regulated by PolyReg in Zug, Switzerland.

PolyReg is a recognized self-regulating organization and as such supervised by the federal money laundering control authority.

As an independent financial partner, FiveAlpha Asset Management AG offers tailor-made, best investment solutions for professional investors and high net worth clients.

As an independent and experienced partner for tailor-made investment solutions, we offer our clients comprehensive investment advisory, risk management, and we follow our clients step by step.

Best Portfolio Manager 2019


If you are an institutional investor or a High Net Worth investor contact us, we have an interesting investment for you.


We are based in Zug, in so-called Crypto Valley and if you are looking for a crypto investment do not hesitate to contact us - we have a different solution for you.


Real Estate: we are working hard to offer a new way to invest in Real Estate with the best opportunities in the world.

Where we are:

Ahornstrasse, 6 6300 Zug Switzerland

Contact Us: Info@fivealpha.ch

+41 44 585 10 55

Instagram: fivealpha_asset_managementag

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