Mone't Huskey

The University of Florida Museum of Natural History is absolutely amazing. It was a very knowledgable experience, I learned a lot while observing the different types of exhibits. Everyone should be introduced to the eye opening mysterious and magical ways of the Natural World.

Nature on Display

To the left is a picture of some fossils and shark teeth, while the picture on the right is of me with a complete fossil skeleton of an elephant. These were found in the fossil exhibit. I have no clue as to why I found the fossil exhibit so intriguing, but I did. What really caught my attention was the elephant skeleton because I am truly in love with elephants, so to see an exhibit that has something on them is amazing. This exhibit had to be the creepiest, but it taught me that even the weirdest things can be appealing to the eye and be educational.

Nature and Ethics

Amazing creation of baby turtles coming out of the wall.
These are all pictures I took at the Museum at the butterfly exhibit, the native american exhibit, and wildlife exhibit. The Museum didNatural History Museum provide me the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends. I felt at peace while going through the Museum. I realized how much Native Americans admired their land and how we should take care of our own land for the sake of all living things such as butterflies and baby turtles.

Nature and the Human Spirit

In these pictures, I was having a little bit too much fun at the Museum. It brought out the childlike behavior out of me because I was enjoying myself so much. The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by introducing us to things we may not get to see on a daily basis. It also gives us a break from our usual daily routine. It also helps us to better understand who we are by looking back and exploring our past of discoveries that have given us the tools we need for the present and not so far future. The Natural History Museum also helps use appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by introducing us to different exhibits that actually make us wonder. If it weren't for the mystery, it wouldn't be appealing/interesting to individuals. It is truly magical hows things work in the world we live in and we should take it all in day by day.

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