Thresher Sharks By Logan Barnes

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Behavior & Adaptations

  • Thresher Sharks have to rely on other senses when detecting prey because of their poor vision.
  • One way they obtain their prey is slaying it with their huge tails to kill.
  • They love to hunt schools of fish,┬áprefer tuna, mackerels, and sometimes seabirds.
  • Sensory organs clustered in their nose and head are used to sense impulses from injured or dying fish.
  • Its typical for them to launch themselves with their whole body out of the water, and perform wild turns while they're hunting.
  • They have become very athletic sharks in the way that they hunt for food, and have learned to survive.
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Human Interaction

These sharks are not a threat to humans, humans are a threat to these sharks. There has only been one recorded shark attack between them, and it was actually provoked by the human grabbing its tail. In addition, there has only been four accounts of this shark species attacking boats, but it was said they were fighting against capture. When divers come near, they swim away so sightings are rare. They have a very unique tail which intrigues fisherman, and can make them a target.

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