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TL;DR Welcome to Magic Ink Gamemastery. Here you can get to know what kind of games are for offer and were to get access to the games themselves. From getting to know roleplaying, taking all the time you need, to getting to play that one character, you always wanted to play, these games got you covered. Should you have questions or wish for a custom game, hit me up with a PM on Roll20 or read on to get the details.

If your eager to get into one of the games follow one of the links below. (Roll20 account needed - sign up for free - no strings attached)

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Stuff On This Page

  • My Take On Roleplaying
  • Tiers of Play
  • Campaign Worlds
  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Unknown
  • Why Pay? - Paying for time not the game.
  • Things My Players and I Made

Beware, there might be dragons.

My Take On Roleplaying

I like to make things. It is different when playing on Roll20 as all the little tokens, handouts and miniatures loose something when you cannot touch, throw or tear them. This includes players creating handouts, finding fitting artwork, making their own character sheets - or just buying a new set of dice for a new campaign. On a virtual table these things still get players - including the DM - to engage directly. There is just something special about pushing tokens and reading handouts, even in a story driven game. Make the game your own. Also make something nice to eat while your at it!

All kinds of things. All kinds of fun.

Besides that my style could be summarized by "Rolling Everything Out In The Open." Having spent my early years as many DMs did trying to write an adventure rather than play it the school of hard knocks and frustration made me realize that Suspense of Disbelief cannot be forced.

To find the right kind of humor is a constant struggle. I tend to agree on a rather light-hearted main theme so the dark and mind crushing moments are truly memorable. The so called meta is a something the group as a whole has to work out. I think there are many different ways of doing it right as long as people have fun and leaving their immersion intact.

That was a lot about me. Hard to tell as a style is more an underlining constant in a game that otherwise requires a lot of adapting to the people around the table, the situation and the shifting mood of each game night.

Most valuable lesson I learned is to keep talking to each other and get over the fear of hurting people with your honest opinion!

Tiers of Play

Hard to find the right kind of game? Tiers of Play make it easy to find what you want out of a game and helps finding the right kind of co-players. There are surly more categories and I'd be happy to try our new formats. These three tiers provide an overview and different starting points. In the end each game is a unique mixture.

Learn Roleplay, Meet New Friends!


GOOD FOR - New players who want to get started with 5e or roleplaying in general.

This setup aims for a safe environment where there is time for asking questions and learning the ropes in a fun stress-free way. Both Wizard of the Coast's own Lost Mine of Phandelver or my custom build Legend of the Silver Dragon make for an engaging entry into the world of D&D 5e and roleplaying in general. At the end of a campaign players can choose to stay together and opt for a different tier.

Your Book, Your Story!


GOOD FOR - Experienced players or those with a serious attitude about towards roleplaying.

A story focused on the characters supported with a backdrop, rich with lore and opportunity. Players will feel at home in challenging world with satisfying ways to get what you want in a believable yet fantastic world. Either of my custom build campaigns Legend of the Silver Dragon and Land of Scars will supply you with the canvas to paint you Hero's journey saving Avalon Keep from impending doom or rebuilding Miracle from a forgotten backwater hamlet into your own vision of a city!

Now available: Vivat Tyrannus! What if the Heroes couldn't save the day and evil prevailed. The last heir in exile, the resistance crushed, sudden need for new henchmen as previous ones were unfortunate enough to get permanently injured - not uncommon in their line of work. Play on the infamous other side and learn why evil overlords fail most times - if they cannot rely on resourceful henchmen. And who knows, there have been changes at the very top before!

Show Them What You Got!


GOOD FOR - Oldskool players or those with no time to bleed.

All safeties off, but the sky is the limit in a deadly world where you will carve your way into the lore making future parties suffer and endure. The Land of Scars holds places only the truly fearless dare explore. The last piece of land not overrun by the Hordes of Chaos, ready to summit to those willing to live and die by the sword - or spell or maybe just cunning alone! Open the Rift Worlds!

Campaign Worlds

Lost Mines of Phandelver

This easy entry into the realms of Dungeons & Dragons is widely known to be a quality product. It has a little of everything so new comers can have a taste before deciding on a more focused campaign. I offer this campaign to be most transparent in what your are getting for your money. There are a lot of reviews about it and the scope is clear.

Reign of the Frost Queen

High up in the norther reaches the grasp of the Empire is weak. Ferrak is ruled by the great clans alone. While the southerners are busy with their war against the Hordes of Chaos, the northern people have their own threat - they know nothing of yet. While the ever present yeti blight is taxing Ferrak more than ever before, things seem to be quiet just in time before the Winterting - the meeting of the clans before the harshness of winter will make their homes islands of civilization amidst an endless wasteland of ice and snow.

The Land of Scars

Sandbox worlds are hard to get right. Too much story and you never get to feel your own impact, too little and there is nothing to play with. The Land of Scars is build around hotspots in true West Marches fashion and has been used for this kind of playstyle many times. At the moment it serves as a lore rich backdrop for a king maker style campaign where the Heroes rebuild a hamlet and engage the different factions throughout the region.

Rift World

There is something about hardcore dungeon crawling that has struck with a true gamer since its first inception. The Land of Scars is connected to several Rift Worlds, ancient pocket dimensions and refuges from times long past. You liked AD&D but enjoy what 5e has done to the rules? This will be right up your alley!

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Unknown

It was the best years of school and my friends and I were hanging out at the local fantasy store constantly, playing Magic the Gathering. The place was old and run down, the owner a bit weird, water leaked in the back. Perfect. One of the regulars was a somewhat quiet man always carrying a large pouch containing mysterious folders and fancy looking books. We knew that there were a bunch of people playing after hours or at that guy's place. When we heard them talk we couldn't figure out what exactly they were doing. A game where you could kill a dozen goons with a chandelier? And sail a vast ocean? While trying to keep one of the Heroes from falling in love with his malicious ex girlfriend turned succubus? I couldn't fathom what they did, but I wanted in. I snuck in on their next game night and was hocked form the first words uttered by the gamemaster: "Roll Inititive; Prepare to meet your END."

Fifteen years later I can look back at those times and smile at the "quality" of those games - how we and the hobby itself improved in such a rather short amount of time. I played in many groups and dmed even more. From friends at school and endless Saturday nights, ragtag bands of preteens during summer camp, to family groups where fathers and sons played at the same table. After I moved to a new city to start studying to gain a university degree, I thought "that's it", how can I ever be part of those tightly nit groups again? But time and time again life showed me that there is roleplaying folk everywhere - some just do not know that they are yet. Besides my homegroup playing weekly since 2009 it was hard to add more roleplay on a regular basis. Time constraints, schedules and for the most time priorities of different people made long term gaming impossible. That was until Roll20 came around. All the overhead was gone. It was as simple as playing a video game. Turn on your computer and just start playing. There are some amazing people on Roll20 living in remote places or at least far away form the next fantasy store. Sadly this did not really solve the main issue: Commitment. It was hard to keep groups together, yet explain that campaigns do end eventually. It was a good time though. I made mistakes, I learned, I became better and then I needed money. I work as a private tutor which pays well enough. I couldn't imagine becoming a paid DM thinking it to be the same as selling my soul and loosing my favorite hobby in the process. Luckily I stumbled across someone explaining that people pay you for your time - time otherwise spent on your job to pay for food and rent and not for your game. When you can deliver a quality game and also need to eat and have a roof over your head that is the best solution. I am not planning on becoming a full time DM - just switching jobs and combining enjoying our hobby and raising money to keep studying.

Sometimes you do need more Nerds in your life.

Why Pay?

Paying For The Time Not The Game

You pay for a couple of things. Mainly for my time as I would otherwise need to spent some on my job as a private tutor besides studying at university. Secondly there is something about things we pay for. People tend to take stuff they paid for more seriously. As it happened more often than not, people would drop out of games on Roll20, which is a showstopper - especially if the DM quits. Additionally if money is involved it is way easier to set a frame, as you want to know what you are getting for your money. A random game on Roll20 could be that special one going for the right kind of length, yet no one bothers to talk things through at the beginning, so how could you know?

I offer quality games. My experience is vast, I like people and thoroughly enjoy what players do at the table - if I wanted to engage people by a story of my sole creation I would go ahead and write a book. My current homegroup and all those before enjoyed three things the most:

  • Rich Lore including world building by players
  • Keeping A Solid Standard even when I had a lot of "life" getting in the way
  • Focus On the Players and the characters they are playing

To sum it up: Through all the pain of getting my - imaginary - world burned down, I am the happiest when my players defeat me fair and square - or otherwise; knowing that I did not held back and rolled in the open.

Things My Players and I Made

From a current campaign. Inspired by Tannhäuser the boardgame.
From recent and past campaigns on Roll20.
Made by my favorite "little sister".
It just is.
Players gonna roll. Collection from one of my players. Some she inherited. True heirlooms.
No space for a DM screen. No place to hide.
Make some food for your friends. My kind of handout. Hehe.
And then what do you really need to play?
Mapping. Just great.
Dungeon Builder from Hobbyte. Awesome.
Every Gamemaster needs an evil, sinister *cough* pathetic familiar.

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