Ever since I was 5 years old I've had a passion for activities outside of school. Every summer I join our local baseball team and dance classes. Then, every winter I am involved with my dance studios competitive team. I dance 10 and a half hours a week from September to May. Also, I enjoy swimming on hot summer afternoons and skating on cold winter mornings in the park across from my house. From past experiences of physical activities to present experiences, I quite enjoy the benefits. As for physical activities in school, I thoroughly enjoy them. In gym class I enjoy baseball, volleyball and recently discus. I believe physical activity is an important factor in my life.

Fitness Testing

first day
last day

Throughout fitness testing I have definitely seen the benefits. Coming from a family that enjoys running I was quite excited but nervous for the Beep Test. The very first day I got a score of 5.2 and at the time I was impressed. Now, from doing the test again and beating that score with a 6.1 I have realized how much I have improved. Another, I do not believe I am a good jumper but throughout the fitness testing I have seen an improvement with myself just like in the beep test. In the vertical jump, the first day I jumped a solid 28 and my last score I jumped 30. It is a small improvement but it still matters. Even though both in the beep test and vertical jump I fit in the category of "needs improvement" I still saw the benefit and improvement in myself. I believe the change in data occurred because my physical activity involvement increased. I find that when I am involved in more physical activities, I have more success in other areas like my health, eating well and paying more attention in class.

Field hockey

Before grade 9, I had never heard of Field Hockey. The challenge of learning a new sport was quite remarkable. Field Hockey did not come easy to me and although I am always open to new things I was not as open to learning Field Hockey since I have no interest in hockey whatsoever. Throughout the unit I found the hardest part of Field Hockey was learning how to carry the ball across the field without it escaping the grasp of my stick. With the smooth gym floor it was quite easy but when it came to conquering the bumpy dirt and long grass I struggled a tone. Another being, handling the stick. Having to have you hands lower down on the stick, I found my back pain to be terrible. I am not used to being bent over while running for a ball. In conclusion, learning a new sport was quite hard for me but I enjoyed it the whole time.

Track and Field

Since before grade 9, I had never enjoyed events in Track and Field. Since being introduced to dicus, my perspective on Track and Field has changed for the better. Both parents of mine highly enjoy events in Track and Field setting school records, one currently still being held. As a kid growing up in a family that enjoys the activities, often I felt out of place until connecting with the event discus. If I were to participate in Listowel Lightnings Track and Field team, I would get involved with no other than discus. The rational behind this decision is because, before grade 9 I never enjoyed Track and Field and finding this new event I have discovered how much I enjoy it. Often when I enjoy something, I engage with it and participate in anything that revolves around it. With it being my first time learning discus I obviously have a lot to improve on. Currently my neighbor is involved with LDSS's Track and Field team so to improve my skills i would work with him and my dad to get tips and tricks on throwing the discus. All in all, I have now found my place in Track and Field and I am very excited to work on my new found and joy.


After playing football, I realized that it is not a sport I would like to play again. When learning technical skills, I enjoyed playing games like toilet bowl. But, when going out on the field and playing flag football I felt out of place and highly uncomfortable with the new sport. If i new student were to come to the class to learn how to hut the ball to a quarterback I would explain it step by step like so: 1. Stand at least 1 meter away from the quarterback. 2. Face your back to the quarterback. 3. Have your feet apart and have the footballs laces on your fingertips of one hand and have the other one grasping the other side of the ball. 4. Lean forward all the way until your head is in between your legs. 5. Take the ball and throw it aiming at the quarterbacks chest.


Ever since being introduced to the sport Volleyball I have quite enjoyed it. I believe that Volleyball is a popular team sport for many reasons. Firstly, you do not have to be athletic to play. Volleyball does take some skill to play, but if you are a non athletic person you are still able to play. Volleyball is a sport where you stand in one area and all you have to do is hit the ball over the net which often is something everyone can do. It is appealing because most will be able to feel self pride when helping their team. If I was on a team and I saw a teammate struggling with their skill execution the advice I would give them is to keep trying. I would tell them not to give up on themselves because we were all there at some point and it only will improve from now on. Hopefully that would improve their confidence to persevere through their struggles.


Badminton was a new sport for me and having never played it before I was quite excited. Through playing singles and double matches I enjoyed doubles more. I enjoy team sports so having that support of another player made me enjoy it more than playing alone. Also, I found through singles matches I got tired easily and through doubles I did not get as tired which made me enjoy it more. Finally, Badminton was not my favorite unit but I still enjoyed learning the new sport.


During the health units our class focused a lot on decision making. I believe that strong decision making skills are important because it can be the choice in life and death. There are constant issues in young teens lives with under aged drinking, teen pregnancy and drug abuse. This would not be focused on if teens had strong decision making skills. Often we are pure pressured into doing something that we regret but if we learned to say no this wouldn't be as big of a problem. In conclusion, having strong decision making skills is important throughout your whole life and I believe that it is a strong topic that we should address.

Advice to my Grade 9 Self

With almost being through my very first semester of secondary school I have learned a lot and I would love to share my advice to the future grade 9 students. First of all, your friends will change. Going into grade 9 I thought that my friends would be the same forever and I would have no problems whatsoever. But I was wrong. My very first day I realized that things were not going to be the same because my friends I thought I would have forever were not in my class. I felt alone for the longest time until I started meeting new people in my class and now being alone and feeling alone is not a problem for me anymore. Secondly, do what you want not what others want. Being yourself is a great thing to do when entering your first year of high school. But if you chose to be someone your not you will find yourself doing stuff you don't love. Do your own thing because if you do what you love you will be happy. Lastly, be confident. Show your true self through high school and you will have an amazing time and find your true friends.

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