Kids & Chocolate Valley Table Dessert

What happens when you combine a deliciously decadent chocolate dessert from the all-new Valley Table Dinner Menu (starting Tuesday, April 4th) and children from Camp Voyager Oopy Goopy Science Week?!

You get a messy but happy bunch of smiling faces and PLENTY of laughter!

You have something on your nose! Let me get that for you!
The dessert clearly had no chance of surviving!
Huston and Jenson have redefined the "airplane" method of eating dessert!

We should show you the dessert BEFORE the kids had their way!

The Chocolate 3 Way (one of two new desserts on the Dinner Only Menu) features chocolate gelato, chocolate ganache filo pouch and milk chocolate pots de creme.
Chef adds a sliver of edible gold foil on top of the ice cream to complete the presentation!
A must have dessert! And it is Valley youth approved!

It wouldn't be a taste test without a review!

Watch what they had to say!

To learn more about Camp Voyager at Valley Country Club, contact Youth Activities Coordinator Huston at

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