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Our Story

Our story began back in 1994. We met and married 2 years later. We were young and in love and ready to start our lives together. We had plans to spend time together as a married couple before starting a family, however, God had different plans. Our first child arrived as we were celebrating our 1 year anniversary and three years later our son arrived so we were well on our way to a very busy family life. We both started busy careers which led to both of us traveling quite a bit. Dave pursued a career with United States Secret Service and I started a home based business juggling it around kids and life in general.

The travel began to way heavy on the family. We both felt like we were growing in separate directions. Truly, the two of us were both leading very separate lives!

The breaking point (gave up careers to do ministry)

Transition to Colorado

After spending most of my years in business and ministry in Florida, my wife Shannon and I decided to take God up on a very specific adventure that he was calling us to late in 2013.

project 2411

A few years ago I was challenged to read through the entire book of Proverbs in one afternoon with the expectation that God would reveal his wisdom and truth to me as I read. During the exercise I felt that God purposely illuminated the passage of Scripture in Proverbs chapter 24 verse 11. The Scripture was direct and firmly mandated me to “Rescue those being led away to death.” The verse immediately reminded me of those individuals in my life who I intuitively knew were staggering under the mundane and mediocrity of life and relationships. Living a life marked by disappointment, frustration and lack of joy, rather than the life Jesus spoke of in the Gospels.

It was a pivotal and life changing exercise for me in many ways.

This awakening in me created a passion to bring together several very distinct loves in my life: first, pursuing Jesus Christ and secondly spending time with my family and lastly being in His incredible creation.

Since I was a young boy I have loved anything to do with adventure and outdoors and dreamed of combining, at some point, my two greatest passions: first, my pursuit after the heart of Jesus, and secondly, anything remotely adventurous and outdoors.

Project 2411 ACQUIRES Deer Valley Ranch

What (2411)

“Project 2411 creates opportunities for adventure and connectedness allowing families to find their destiny with the Lord.”

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