Meet Layton!

In April 2018, we received a call from Catholic Charities to tell us about an expectant mother that wanted to meet us. This wasn't the first time that we'd received a call like this, but this time - it was "our time". God knew what he was doing aligning the stars.

In May 2018, our whole world changed when we meet our son Layton. All because of a very brave and beautiful girl that made and incredibly difficult decision to make us Layton's parents.

Words cannot describe the joy that this guy has brought into our lives!

Through Catholic Charities' support and education, we knew what an open adoption could look like. Open adoption sounded very scary and uneasy to us, before becoming educated on it. Catholic Charities teaches the order of needs through the adoption triangle. The baby's needs are considered first, then the birth parents', and finally the adoptive couple's. Because we were open to an open adoption Layton can grow up knowing where he came from, his birth mother can have peace of mind in her decision without a constant wonder, and we have been blessed with extending our family far beyond just Layton.

Details below are from when we first started our adoption journey. We're excited to continue growing our family through adoption in the future!


We're a couple from Kansas and we're excited to grow our family through adoption. Through this page, we hope you get to know us, and that it paints a picture of the family we plan to become!

Dear Birth Parents

Dear Birth Parents,

We can only guess that you can relate, when we say life has taken us down some unexpected paths. After struggling to start a family, and praying daily for God to bless us with a family, we are led to believe that God has a greater plan than we've imagined.

Through an open adoption, we are comfortable with exploring how you'd like to see the relationship grow. Our hopes are that by having an open relationship, it will give your child a sense of where he or she came from, and know with certainty that they were loved even from the very beginning.

Although we've never met you, we pray for you and your baby daily. We anxiously await the call to meet you. After looking over our profile, we hope you are confident of the love, support and opportunities that we plan to provide to our future family!

With Love,

Ross & Tracy

Getting To Know Ross

I am a small town kid from rural Kansas. I grew up living mostly in the country where we had to create our own fun - playing outdoors, using our imagination, or target practicing with a BB gun. Growing up I noticed how hard my parents worked, and I always wanted to please them. Now that I'm older I know what it means to put in a hard days work, and am even more thankful now for how hard my parents worked. I'm the youngest of four, and the older we get, the closer we become.

Ross' Childhood

Me as a baby, the youngest of four.
Hanging on tight to my sister Rachel. We seem to be naturals coming from a horse-loving family.
Excited for my first Nintendo!
Hannah was just an ol' cowdog, but she was the best cowdog!
Fond family memories of vacationing in Red River, New Mexico.

A Little More About Ross...

Bluejays, Dragons & Lions

A few of my team mascots that is! I've always enjoyed playing sports. From peewee to college, sports have helped shape who I am today.

Karate Kid.
Summer Fun.
Hey Batter, Batter swing!
High School Football.

College footBall

I enjoyed all sports in high school, and went on to play football in college.

Always Enjoying The Outdoors!

I've always enjoyed being outside and staying active. I look forward to sharing my passion of sports and the outdoors with our future family.

Ross' Family

Yikes, my hair! Just a kid with no care in the world - the way it should be.

Ross’ Family
My side of the family from our wedding in 2012. We've added a few to the family since this photo.
My siblings and their families all live close by, so we see each other often.

Getting To Know Tracy

I grew up in a small town with dirt roads and later moved to the country. I was always more of a tomboy, building forts outside, picking up toads like they were Barbie dolls, and playing hide-and-seek with the neighborhood kids. I'm the youngest of three, and credit my competitive spirit to my brother and sister who were always pushing me (literally and figuratively!). I come from a loving, hardworking, Catholic family that farms and ranches. Family time together meant church or eating dinner together - nothing extravagant, but just being together.

Tracy's Upbringing

Buggy-Eyed Tracy. Youngest of three.
All dressed up for Easter Sunday.
We looked forward to our family trip each fall, to Branson, Missouri.
First time mowing!
Always had pets growing up. Checkers, our Dalmatian, was a pretty cool guy.
Luckily the neighbor girl was as goofy as I was, and we were the best of friends!
Not too coordinated, so sports were never really my thing. But, I did work hard at cross country and track in high school, and I still enjoy jogging occasionally

Tracy's Adventures...


After taking a Spanish class in college, the teacher convinced me that best way to learn the language was to submerge myself into the culture. I took to the plunge and headed off to Spain for a semester speaking very little Spanish at the time.

Granada, Spain where I studied.
My roommate and our Host Father.
Trip to Morocco, where we camped in the Sahara Desert
My Grandpa didn't know English when he started school. Here, I had the trip of a life time meeting his first cousins in Germany!
My favorite city to visit was Sevilla, España.


After a semester in Spain, I knew I wanted to continue to work on my Spanish, and chose to do my last semester of college studying in Mexico.

The vibrant city, Xalapa, where I lived.
Many friendships made from all over the world!
Studying abroad gave me so many neat opportunities that I'm very grateful for!
My Señora took me in, like one of her own.

Tracy's Family

The photographer must have resembled The Cookie Monster - I look so scared, haha!

Tracy’s Family
Since our wedding, we've added three nieces to the picture. And, hope to add another baby soon!
My family members all live close by and work on the family farm. Ross works on the farm too, so they could otherwise be introduced as his co-workers !

Good Friends are like family!

I can say all of my friends (pictured above or not) are down to earth, fun-loving people that are great to be around!

Our Lives Together

After meeting in college (and learning that our families knew each other long before we did), we dated for four years and married in 2012.

We consider ourselves to be a pretty laid back couple. We attend church regularly, spend time with family, and even eating with our parents weekly.

Ross taught History for five years before going to work on the farm with the in-laws. Tracy works in an office at an agricultural company. Both of our employers value time with family, and are excited and supportive for us to adopt.

We live in a nice neighborhood on a quiet street. Our house is centrally located between our families. We love hosting Christmas Eve, Easter, and other family gatherings at our house.
We love spending time in the backyard, and taking our dogs on walks through the park. We're eager to join the other families teaching their kids to ride their bikes through the park.

What Tracy Loves about Ross

Ross is hardworking and super handy. He is great with people, but especially kids. He will make a great dad and role-model. Our nieces and nephews all look up to him, and love it when he plays with them. Ross is a selfless person and is always thinking of others. Did I mention he has a great sense of humor? This has been helpful, in keeping things light through this journey of starting a family. :o)

What Ross Enjoys most about Tracy

Tracy is very goal-oriented and works hard to achieve her goals. She is strong in her beliefs, and faithful to God and others. Throughout this difficult journey of struggling to start a family, Tracy has not wavered in her faith. Creativity comes natural to her. Whether its working on the house, flipping furniture or creating gifts, Tracy enjoys sharing her time and talent with others. She takes on many projects to help out her siblings, from babysitting to yard projects. Tracy is always there for her family.

Hobbies We Enjoy

Fishing, Cooking, Gardening!

We have many interests and hobbies that we both enjoy doing together.

Tracy taught Ross to snowboard and more recently snow ski. He's a natural at sports, so he surpassed Tracy before the day was over!
We both have a knack for fishing, but Tracy might be just a little bit better in this department. (We're not competitive at all, ha!)
We enjoy traveling once in awhile. This was Ross' first time out of the country - to Cancun, Mexico.
We stay busy working on house projects together.
Making our first butcher block table top. (Finished project in photo above).
Tracy has found a new interest, woodworking!
Building our backyard fence.
Gettin' after it!

Big Brothers Big Sisters

I (Tracy) joined the BBBS Program because I knew I could offer my time, and attempt to make a difference in a child's life. But, the unexpected happened, and I quickly realized that our relationship had just as much of an impact on me. I look forward to our days that we meet, to step back from the busy in life and enjoy the simple things, where our time is filled with laughter and fun!

The perfect Match!

We were matched through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in 2012. We've met weekly, for the last five years. We don't do fancy things, but just hang out like best friends should!
Not only has the BBBS Program matched one child and I, but it has brought our two families together. Her older sister also comes to hang out regularly.

A few activities we enjoy!

The girls love to bake, do crafts, play with the dogs, and be outdoors. It works out great, because we love doing these things too!

Family Means The World To Us!

Future Cousins!

We have many nieces and nephews on both sides, from a new baby niece to an 18-year-old nephew. All of our siblings and their kids live within a 30 minute radius, so we're around family all the time!

Uncle Ross is pretty handy!
Fishing with corn sure does the trick!
Facetime with Aunt Tracy.
Uncle Ross - The Buckin' Bull!

Can't Forget About Our Pups!

Our dogs always keep a smile on our face, and have brought a lot of joy to our lives.

Meet Gabe!

He's our Golden Child.

We worked hard to build a fence in our backyard, since we knew we wanted dogs. Ross wanted a "big lazy dog" that he wouldn't have to chase across the neighborhood. Gabe is as mellow as they come! We adopted Gabe in December of 2015.

Who has bad breath?
Ross' hunting dog!
The kids love to hug, tug, and lay on Gabe. He is a gentle giant and does great with kids hanging all over him.

Doug The Pug!

He's as ornery as he looks!

We brought Doug home as a puppy, just shortly after we'd adopted Gabe. We wanted a spunky puppy that might help keep Gabe young and active. He's lived up to these expectations. He's the little brother that has to be in middle of everything.

He looks all cute and innocent here.
Still, trying to fool someone.
Doug can be calm... when he's not running circles around Gabe, chasing squirrels, or dragging pine cones and BIRDS in through his doggy door!

Can't get enough of these guys?.. Don't worry there's more!

Okay, we'll quit boring you... We're ready to have a little one to spoil, even if it means stealing the show from our spoiled pups!

We're On Facebook!

Typically we don't spend our free time creating websites and pages just to talk about ourselves. ;-) But for this reason, we're putting it all out there for you to see and get to know us - because we think you're out there looking for us too! So, find out more about us and see what we've been up to recently on our Facebook Page.

Let's Meet!

If you've made it this far, we hope you're interested in meeting us! We started working with Catholic Charities of Southwest Kansas because of their great reputation. Even though they're based in Southwest Kansas, they can assist in an adoption from anywhere, even with another agency. Oh, and don't worry you don't have to be Catholic to work with them. They have been excellent in preparing us for adoption, and we know they'll give you the same great support too.

Contact Catholic Charities of at

(620) 227-1562

The entire staff has been wonderful to work with, but these two ladies have shown us so much care and understanding. They are there to support you too, in whatever decision you make.

Amy Falcon (620) 227-1590 or afalcon@catholiccharitiesswks.org
Lori Titsworth (620) 792-1393 or ltitsworth@catholiccharitiesswks.org

We’re also working with Martin Pringle who can be contacted at (316) 265-9311

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Ross & Tracy Smith


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