Frisbee Blog Mike van Haaster Per. 2

Week 1 --- 2/24/17

I started off this week by starting my blog and creating my trailer. I plan to practice weekly playing Frisbee, to improve my skills and technique.

Week 2 --- 3/3/17

This week I practiced my long distance throwing. When throwing far, I like to throw off the shoulder, because it generates the most spin to cut through the air better.

It is important when throwing off the shoulder that you snap your wrist, and release the frisbee flat to generate the most spin and stability. This throw will take a lot of practice, because it is hard to get the release right. Just keep practicing and you will get it.

Week 3 --- 3/10/17

This week I did more research on my topic. I learned some new throws that I will try and show you guys in a few weeks. A lot of the different ways to throw come from muscle memory, and over the next few days I have to develop that so it may take some time before I start showing you some cool ways to throw.

Week 4 --- 3/17/17

This week I did more research on how to play the game and what the rules are. I also practiced more of my throwing. I have been practicing my throws under, pressure so that in a game, I can make good plays.

Week 5 --- 3/24/17

This week I played an Ultimate Frisbee game at lunch, to help better my understanding of the game. I also conducted more research on the rules of the game and some techniques when throwing.

Week 6 --- 3/31/17

This week I started to plan my final presentation. For my presentation I will be creating a video that explains the rules of Ultimate Frisbee. I will be showing some footage from game and explaining whats going on as the footage plays. Furthermore, I will be presenting different styles of throwing and important tips to pay attention to.

Week 7 --- 4/14/17

This week I continued to plan for my presentation. I plan to over the weekend record footage of me demonstrating how to do certain throws that are valuable to the game. I also will be doing more research and watching more Ultimate Frisbee game footage, to make sure that I can thoroughly explain the game during my final presentation.

Week 8 --- 4/21/17

This week I put together the footage of me demonstrating frisbee throws. I am going to be showing these clips during my final presentation as well as a giant poster explaining the rules and goals of Ultimate Frisbee.

Week 9 --- 4/28/17

This week I focused on my Google Slides presentation for when I will be showing my videos. I made sure that the slide was interesting and didn't reveal too much information so that I would be able to elaborate in person. I also made sure that the presentation wasn't too boring and changed the transitions and themes.

Week 10 --- 5/5/17

This week I worked really hard, because it is my last real week to work on this project. Next week will be testing week and I won't have much time to work on this project. I finished putting together the Google Slides presentation that had all of the videos on throwing and catching a frisbee. The only thing that I have left with this project is to finish putting together my poster on playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Week 11 --- 5/12/17

This is my last post on my blog. I have had an awesome time researching and practicing for this project. I can't wait to present next Friday (5/19/17). Please check on the links I posted at the top of this blog and I encourage you to stop by Ultimate Frisbee which is Thursdays at lunch on the softball field. See you guys later !!!

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