How I Potty Trained My 15 Month Old In A Week! (and didn't lose my mind)

Hello, I am Rachael I have worked in the education field for almost 10 years, from daycare's, schools, and also nanny jobs because my true life passion is for kids. I studied Early Education in college.I am now currently blessed to be a stay at home wife/mom to my beautiful little girl Lucy who is currently 15 months old. It is the most important job and rewarding I have ever had. Luckily for my husband Tyler I am able to do this! I know it isn't the case in all homes and that is okay this is totally a judgment free zone, because by no means am I perfect at this just a mom who loves her little girl! !

I am writing this because I hope this helps others with there potty training nightmares&adventures!! My experience can be for working moms or stay at home moms. Just give yourself a week where you devote to potty training!! Or see if your caregivers are willing to devote time to this important stage. When I did work in the industry I helped parents potty train there kids while they were working! It was frustrating for us as teachers because we would stick to the 15-20 minute rule because there are so many other children unfortunetly hard to take them more often, but we would do it during the day and find out at night the parents were slacking. So if you are working with other people on this make sure you all have the same idea and time frame and work together!!! If you are not all on the same page and willing to invest time in your child, he or she will not succeed. I promise you this.

yup..eating breakfast like a champ on the potty
this is what your house will look like the first 3 days don't give up!!!

We were not ready to start our potty training journey but we sat our daughter on her toilet just to get her comfortable with it when we were ready to begin. Well, our daughter was ready! She pee'd instantly! We were all so excited for her and then we both realized well I guess it's now or never we start this. That night it seems I watched hours of YouTube videos and stories, read tips and tricks on Pinterest not really finding anything but pressure. I felt pressured because everything was saying "potty train in 1 day" "potty train in 3 days" I personally don't like just pushing my daughter into anything but if that worked for others, well that's awesome!

Day #1

have lots of stuff to sit and entertain! Notice her adorable little undies

The next day I kind of took everything I read and just did a trial and error thing. I placed her in pull ups and got her excited to sit on the potty. It worked but it seemed more of a diaper and she couldn't really feel herself neither could I see if she was wet. But that first day she did get used to going to the potty and sitting. That night I searched for more tips and tricks for potty training. No more pull ups unless we ventured out in the world!!


Underwear Method.

Best Method Ever. You can see where she is wet and she can feel she is wet. This one I loved! She ran around in her underwear all day no pants so it would be easier and quicker to go to the bathroom. I had potties in her room and the living room and a potty seat for her for the bathroom thinking this would be best and if she had to go, we would always be near a potty. I was taking Lucy about every 15 minutes. In those 15 minutes I think she had about 4 accidents every time.. yeah I told you it is a trial and error method but we were both learning together which was the best part. Every time she had an accident I made her feel her underwear and just said yuck a lot! Never Never scold your child for having an accident, or they will be afraid to go in the future. I would just pick her up run to the bathroom saying " pee in the potty" over and over again. Then she would sit on the potty learning this is where the pee or poop went. That day was an exhausting day of cleaning up accidents, sitting in the bathroom, and doing laundry. We both crashed that night.


pull ups for out and about! And a lot of sanitizers, and a bigger diaper bag for that potty seat

This day was more of like an AH-HA moment like I was just drained by the first two days and I knew she was still confused as what was going on. I woke up that day at 5:00 a.m just laying there thinking what I could do to make this easier and funner! (yup, I'm that weirdo at 5 a.m thinking about my daughter's pee but I didn't care!)

this kept her busy forever! stickers on a baby!

This day we did the underwear method AGAIN! Except this time I was taking her to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Be prepared this will be a long day. But as she gets used to it and stays dry longer you can up it to 10,15 etc. But during those 5 minutes I would constantly check her to see if she was dry and make her feel to this is an important part she needs to learn what dry and wet are. She loved it and thought it was funny! So I created a reward system if she was dry she would go sit on the potty and get a small treat (our treat of choice were 1 yogurt raisin, or 1 mini marshmallow) let me tell you she loved the reward system! So, this is how this day worked if she was dry, she would sit on the potty and read, play, whatever worked! If she peed I made a huge deal about it and she loved that! We made it through this day with only 2 accidents!!!!! Lucy caught on really quick. Obviously we still used a diaper at nap and night just because I know she is nowhere near ready for that.

Day #4

Underwear and no pants all day again for the rest of the potty training this works best! Still doing the reward system except this day we had errands... so here we were out and about at Target carrying our potty seat and using the bathroom every 10 minutes and she did great! I was nervous because it was a new potty and place but she went 3x!! She still got her reward each time and I know some people don't like the reward system but whatever it worked for my kid and she loved it! Find and do what works for your kid!

Day #5-7

-Add a chip clip behind the towel so it doesn't fall when they dry there hands-make or buy a sink extender I made one since we are on one income and it works pretty great!- books, toys, games, in a basket so right in reach- we used sticker chart small ones for when she went #1 and big ones when she went #2 just so we could keep track on a daily basis! Be prepared to spend a lot of time in your bathroom as you can see our's is tiny and sometimes my husband and I were both sitting on the floor for her. Crowded.

Lucy has this thing under control we had about 1 accident a day. Underwear and no pants all day. Going to the bathroom every 10 minutes. Still checking in between and saying it's potty time. She is now running and pointing to the potty when she has to go. Except during these days we learned the best trick ever!!! Get a cup or bowl anything put warm water in it has to be warm, dip there foot in it.. not kidding you it works every time. If they seem to be comfortable on the potty but nervous to go like Lucy was we started this trick and we are guaranteed a pee in the potty every time! She has even gone #2 each day in the potty which is incredible! The reward system worked best for us. Have a basket of toys near the toilet, lots of underwear, cleaning supplies, stickers and make sure to get excited! Now every time Lucy goes she makes the same excitement face I do and we both get a kick out of it! Your child will thrive just because all the attention you are giving them and they want to make you happy! If your child doesn't seem ready don't push it, they will let you know when they are ready.

Sorry this is so detailed but I really wanted to help other parents get motivated and not spend hours on YouTube and Pinterest. I also wanted this so detailed for my future potty training tips.

Sitting on the potty playing. Make it fun!

If you are wondering why I wanted to potty train my daughter so young was because well she pee'd when we were letting her play on it and because I watched the Doctor's show on Early Potty Training and it was life changing!! This was about into day 3 when I kind of wanted to throw in the towel but didn't want to send Lucy mixed signals of what to do. Watch this video it is a game changer ! The facts they say about how back in the day ever child was potty trained around 18 months. Now our generation the average child that is potty trained is 37 months... what the heck?? I hope I helped some of you and have fun with this stage in your child's life it really is so rewarding to watch them learn something new.

Thanks to all my husband's support and encouraging words who saw me wanting to give up and knew just what to say! Amazing what a support team can do for you when you need a little boost ! Good Luck!!

****1 week later UPDATE****

It has been such a great week!!! Not as frustrating she has had 0 accidents. In underwear all day and wearing pants over top!! We are taking her potty every 10-15 minutes IF she doesn't run to the potty first herself. Yup we are at that point where she is so used to the potty she holds it in and will run to the potty and stand by it and wait for my help. So whenever I see her run towards it I am right behind her because that is her way of communicating with me. If she doesn't do that within the 10 minutes I still take her and she usually pee's or goes #2 after her meal. I mean this is beyond exciting for me! I am so so proud of Lucy and how far she has come during the potty training time. She gets excited and so do we!

Don't wait for potty signs, or until they can talk. They can communicate with you with so many other ways just like Lucy the fact that she knows to stay dry and to run to the bathroom I mean it is truly amazing what children are capable of at any age. We are still doing the reward and sticker system just because she loves it I'm sure we will wean off of doing that later on but for now I am just so impressed with her and how good she is doing. She is actually waking up pretty dry so who knows what next week will hold for us!

Stick with it we have been at this for about 2 weeks and I am not as stressed or hanging in the bathroom all day! It get's better quickly trust me!

undies & pants BIG deal in this house!
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