Shakespearean Dictionary By:Dominique Ross

Collied: blackened, darkened, murky. Way to remeber is coal because coal is blackened and / or darkened.

Beteem: allow, permit, let, gant. A way to remeber beteem is with the laws because they need to be allowed by certain people before becoming a law. Or even the laws or the word the grant or allow you to do certain things.

Coy: unresponsive , distant, standoffish, disdainful. A way to remember coy is the person is shy but they really aren't, they are just faking it.

Neaf: fist, vlenched hand. A way to remeber is the way the hand is when a King wants a person to kiss them on the hand.

Waxen: written on wax, perishable, quickly worn away. A way to remember waxen is that t has wax in it and wax is on candles and when you burn a candle for so long of a time it goes away.

Against: In the face of. A way to remember is do not agree, or their is no agreement between two groups.

'tis: it is. A way to remeber 'tis is it a abbreviation of it is just like it's.

ope: open. A way to remember ope is that open has the word ope in it just add a n.

gi': give. This is just an abbreviation for the word give.

ne'er: never. A way to remember is that is an abbreviation for the word never.


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