Kids decision? or parents decision?

Learning information through multiple perspectives impacts one's understanding of an event because it provides the opportunity to choose a side on the topic. This is important in the 21 century because people ought strive to be a good member of a world community.

People tend to make fun of others/befriend them because of their disabilities. This relates to my topic because homeschooling can be decided by these simple problems. Parents constantly think about how their kids will be affected by kids around them

Although parents make a ton of decisions for kids, should they be able to choose between homeschooling and public schooling. Many people question that kids should have some say in it. In the book Wonder by RJ Palacio The parents had all of the say in the decision between the two and August did not have the best experience in the beginning but in the end it was the best thing that has happened to him because of the parents action. Another reason why parents choose home school is because of religion. Many parents do not like public school because not all schools are supporters of some types of religion.

Parents mostly are huge supporters of home school but here is a former home schooling parent and why they think its good/bad. Parents that home school think that it's more beneficial and they do not miss them as much since they are home more. Another benefit to it is that they are not spending all night working on homework and studying. Some parents belive that their is Much more jam packed schedule and parents can't hear anything about their kids and their day. There is Lot less attention to kids in public schools than kids in home school. And finally Their is a lot of pressure to encourage children to be independent as soon as the school bus arrives.

This is a Kid named Logan who has recently quit public school and what his parents are saying.

All of this connects to my book wonder by RJ Polacio because August had to go through the same situation with his mom about choosing between homeschool and public school. August's Parents emeditly made the decision for August and chose themselves without him having a opinion on it. In the begining August did not like normal school because of the bullying that was going on. This shows that kids should have more say in this situation because they are more aware of what kids are like at their age.

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