Smallpox By: Julia Mann

Smallpox originated from the virus Variola Major in 1122 BC.

Smallpox is a very contagious disease, it killed millions of innocent people when the Europeans brought to the Indians accidentally.

A vaccine for the disease was created in 1796.

Now we have Smallpox under controll.

Smallpox gets worse over time. After 7-17 days flu-like symptoms begin: fever, body aches, and fatigue. Soon after, puss filled blisters appear. By the second week they start to fall off and they leave deep scars.

When the Europeans brought the big 5 they brought diseases like smallpox without knowing because they had already been exposed to the diesiese.

Smallpox spreads super quickly, and that's what makes it deadly. The virus can be spread by mucus blood and saliva.

If you don't survive Smallpox, you will probably suffer from blindness, phenomena, and kidney damage.


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