Chapter 3 Continuous movement

An always friendly Thanksgiving get-together with the Condensa family
Changing of Seasons
Richard Avedon was best known for his work in the fashion world, as well as his minimalist portraits. Avedon is also well known for his "Avedon lighting." To accomplish his techniques, you need a bright white background, even illumination across the subject, and open shadows. I took Nat and used him as my subject, and began setting up the shoot. We used a basic white background as well, along with additional lighting. After the shot was taken, I took the photo and brought it into photoshop to darken its colors on the left side of the portrait, to mirror as best as possible the self portrait that Avedon took on the right.
Over the past couple of weeks, I've been really pondering what I'm truly passionate about. I began by reflecting on how I spend my free time, and during that period, I discovered that running is a major part of my life. So I wanted to explore how I could capture this under-appreciated sport, and bring it to light. I decided to attend a track meet and take some action shots. I did my absolute best to relay the emotions that are swirling through these athletes mind's before, during, and post race. l also wanted to capture the types of body language they convey, as well as the force they are pounding into the ground as each athlete sprints to the finish line. I find action photography fascinating, and it's something that I want to continue to pursue.


I was Influenced to pursue action shoots because I realized sporting events have been a major part of my life. Especially Track and Field. Sports has helped mold my competitive nature, and I became excited when I registered the fact that I could expose these amazing events to the world. So far, I've attended only one track meet, where I was able to take a decent amount of photos. However, I am scheduled to attend another one December 13 to add some more shots to my growing collection. My theme is action shots, and I like showing athletes in motion, but I also like telling a story with my photos. This means taking shots before races, where nerves are clearly on display, during races, and after races where exhaustion kicks in.

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