Life in the 30s By Gabe friedrichsen

In the first three years of the crash, thirty million people lost their jobs.

Board games became extremely popular due to the lack of entertainment

Many families had to leave the city to live in Hoovervilles, makeshift towns named after president Hoover.
Agriculture came to a halt in the 30s due to droughts. In 1933 Farmers only made about $145 whereas the national average was $375.
With no water, many dust storms occurred, which then transitioned into the famous dust bowl.
The role of womendidn't significantly change in the 30s, many still stayed at home and worked there. But the women who did have professional jobs took a huge hit. Many were nurses and teachers. Women earned about $500 less then men in 1937. Women who were married were forced to stay home and couldn't work.
Many families were broken during the depression. Men had to leave their families to find jobs. Birth rates went down and divorces went up due to not having enough money to support a whole family. More than 200,000 kids were abandoned in the 30s
Not a lot of free time was available. Virtually everyone worked all day, and any free time was spent with the neighborhood families.

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