AdBlue Ford Transit Custom Euro 6 with stop start technology

AdBlue level low

Once the AdBlue level starts getting low you will have plenty of warnings displayed to you before it completely runs out. You will have the AdBlue sign illuminated on the dash panel along with an explanation symbol displayed.

The remaining mileage left will start to count down from around 1300 miles

Once the AdBlue remaining mileage gets to around 500 miles the display will change to a No Engine Start message.

The mileage will keep counting down all the way to 0 miles

The Display now shows No Engine Start in 496 Miles

It should be very hard to run one of these vehicles out of AdBlue as once you get the NO ENGINE START displayed on the display the system will give you a series of 4 warning chimes every 3 minutes or every time the ignition is switched on

If you have managed to run the AdBlue level mileage down to 0 it will still keep runnig with no faults and the stop start system will carry on working as normal.

While testing and turning the engine off with the key the system allowed 2 more engine starts before it would not re start again

The engine would still spin over but not start and you will get the P241D fault code stored in the engine management which cannot be cleared

Time to Adblue

To be able to start the engine again you will need to add at least 6 litres of AdBlue

If you was to add the minimum of 6 litres it will then re start without clearing the fault code but it will give you around 850 miles on the AdBlue distance trip

If you have enough AdBlue in stock you will be able to put just under 20 litres in the tank and once re filled the message on the display will show AdBlue Level Okay

Re Start possible again

You now will be able to clear the fault code of P241D

Thanks for taking the time to look and we hope this helps someone
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Dave Harvey

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