Global Winds

The whole picture of the winds moving around the Earth.

Global Convection Currents

Convection creates wind. Hot air rises and cold air sinks.

The Coriolis Effect

The deflection of objects moving in an longitudinal direction. The objects will move slightly with the Earths rotation.

Global Wind Belts

Global wind patterns are "split up" into section according to lattitudes.


The equator is the center of wind flow. It is where the hot air rises its highest.

Horse Lattitudes

An area halfway between the equator and the poles. They are where the winds are calm. It acts the same way as the doldrums.

Trade Winds

The winds blowing towards the equator. In subtropical areas.

Prevailing Westerlies

Winds that start from the west and move to the east. In the top and bottom half of the globe.

Polar Easterlies

Dry wind that blows towards the westerlies. They go from the East to the West. They are right above the poles.

Jet Streams

Jet streams are the seems of the convection currents. They are fast moving streams of air that occur when two different convection currents collide. Such as Western winds hitting Eastern winds


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